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Archives for October, 2014


The Zeroth Law Of ADHD

My three favorite robots, R2D2, C3PO, and ADHDroid ... ooops, looks like someone's late

I have ADHD. You also may have ADHD. Or maybe you know someone who does.

That's what this blog is about. At least, that's what it's usually about.

Sometimes, though, I talk about other things. Sometimes I talk about how things relate to ADHD, rather than...
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Restless Body Syndrome or ADHD, Hyperactive Type

Not quite toast yet ...

I was leaning against the kitchen counter yesterday morning, waiting for the toaster to pop and wondering what today's blog post should be about.

As is often the case, I thought “No worries, something will come to me.”

I relaxed and let my mind wander, which is to say I let go of it and it started whirling around with a thousand thoughts.

I noticed,...
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ADHD On Standby

Am I under control?

My stereo has three modes, on, off, and standby. When it's off, it is right off. When it's on, and when I manage to have the right combination of controls in the right place, it plays music, news, sports, and weather for me.

When it's on standby, it is supposedly ready to fire up instantly, just turn it on and it is working.

And it is....
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I’m Thankful That ADHD Means Having Regrets

Thankful for another year ...

It's Thanksgiving here in Canada, and soon it will be Thanksgiving in the

Maybe we could be thankful for something unique. What about our regrets?

What regrets you ask? Well, for starters, we forget. We get distracted. We make poor decisions. We practise deluding ourselves. And as a result, our lives suffer.

But all these things are parts of many peoples lives. True, we...
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Oh, I’ve Got A Plan All Right

With unofficial options ...

I've discovered something. Long term plans? They suck.

I've also discovered that they are completely necessary.

It turns out that long term plans are the things that people use to get places, or even keep from getting left behind in life or dragged into situations they want to avoid.

But, plans have to be flexible, which to me is like not having plans. It's more like having...
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