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Archives for September, 2014


If You Thought You Had ADHD …

Blue socks? Why not?

... and you were right, it was one of a billion thoughts you had that hour.

When we human beings wake up in the morning, we think, “Ah, time to get up. I'll get dressed, have breakfast and get ready for the day.”

Those of us with ADHD then proceed to add “I think I'll wear blue socks, no, red, I like red.

"I wore that red...
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Happy Blog Anniversary

Happy anniversary to me and my blog ...

Last Sunday was the three year anniversary of this blog, ADHD Man of DistrAction. So this is my anniversary week, so to speak.

How did I celebrate? Glad you asked. This is a blog about ADHD, so I did the same thing I do every week. I performed perfect examples of ADHD symptoms. And now I'm going...
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ADHD Vision

Is it zoom vision or tunnel vision?

Have you ever used binoculars? Handy things, aren't they. I have a couple of pairs of them and I enjoy having them around.

I like to see what's out on the water when I'm boating, and I like to see what birds and animals are living in the trees nearby.

Another trick I use is to attach my telephoto lens to...
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ADHD In Foreign Lands

... well, I speak a little French

I spent the weekend in a foreign country. Okay, not a foreign country, but it seemed like it at times. I spent the weekend in Quebec.

I've been in la belle province before, but usually surrounded by people who speak English fluently, as their first language. I usually only have communication problems when I try to order coffee...
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ADHD: The Journey Of A Lifetime

Ready to hit the road

It's been five years since I was diagnosed with ADHD. I am now 55 years old. So technically, I've had ADHD for five years.

But realistically, if one assumes that ADHD is heritable, I've had ADHD all my life.

From the time of my birth, when development was still ongoing, right up to the point in my life when symptoms, had they been known...
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You’ll Need More Than A Towel

On the job!

With apologies to Douglas Adams, a towel is a great thing to have, but you need more than just that.

I've relocated to my old haunt up north of my home where sometimes I work for a friend who is a better contractor than I. I call him “the boss.”

The boss had a job he wanted to get done, and up here in Canada, autumn is coming...
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Overwhelmed Is As Overwhelmed Does

This might be overwhelming ...

What is overwhelmed? Overwhelmed is when something that needs attention is so intimidating that it stops you from being able to attend to it.

Sometimes what overwhelms us is not an individual task but the prioritization of several tasks.

I'm there now. And it isn't fun.
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ADHD; It’s All About The Shortcuts

It's how you get there ...

So you want to know how to keep from being distracted, eh? Well, there's only one sure way. Avoid distractions.

Sorry, that sounds pretty simplistic, doesn't it? And yet, it's the truth.

I'm a non-practising alcoholic. I've been sober for over 30 years now. And the simple truth of my sobriety is that I don't drink. I still think about it, still...
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Too: The ADHD Adverb

Too bad!

Am I too late? I hope not. I don't like being late. I especially don't like being too late. It's too troubling and causes too much anxiety.

I get too late from being too easily distracted. Too often I forget to check the time.

Then I try to make up lost time by going too fast. That means too many things get forgotten, too many tasks get missed. Eventually it...
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3 Legal Non–Prescription Stimulants For ADHD

Is it legal?

Prescription stimulants are the things that help many of us focus.

Why do they help us focus? Well, it seems that they actually make the part of our brain that functions in a ... shall we say “scattered” way, work better. That means that the part of our brain that should focus our thoughts is unable to do that well, allowing our brains to wander from this...
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