Don't be alarmed ...

Don’t be alarmed …

Interesting how the mind works, or in some instances doesn’t work. I went to bed on Wednesday night, a tired man. I was counting on getting lots of sleep, counting heavily on it.

And sleep I did. I know this because every time I woke up I realized I’d been asleep. I’ve had this happen before, it isn’t pleasant.

Sometimes it occurs because I had my last cup of coffee for the day to long before going to bed. I need that coffee to be right before my bedtime if I’m going to count on my mind not zinging around like a bullet in a steel barrel. Counter intuitive, I know, but that’s me, your friendly neighbourhood ADHD enigma.

But that’s not it

No, that’s not what happened on Wednesday night. On Wednesday night I was waking up repeatedly wondering if it was time to get up and at it for one of the biggest days of my life. I went through the details of this weekend in Wednesday’s post, and I know I mentioned that a song I wrote is on a CD that was released last night. I maybe didn’t mention that this is a first for me.

So, as the MC, and as one of the performers for the party, and as one of the people responsible for a little part of the content of the CD that was presented to the public for the first time last night, I was excited.


And I bet you know what excited does to ADHD, right? So while I was able to fall asleep on Wednesday night, a trick I’ve mastered over the years, I wasn’t able to keep my brain parked there for any length of time and I awoke a couple dozen times through the night.

Another thing I know from my half century plus of experience with sleep, is that there’s no point in looking at the clock. It can’t tell you anything you want to know.

So what do I do?

The best thing is to make sure your alarm is set and when you wake up, if the clock radio isn’t talking to you, singing to you, or buzzing at you, you know the only thing you need to know, it’s not time to be awake.

If I toss and turn when I’m trying to get back to sleep, and can’t render myself unconscious again, then it’s time for a bit of a read. That will put me to sleep. But if I’m able to close my eyes and drift off again, there’s no point in reading.

So how did it go last night?

How did I manage and how did I behave last night at the CD release party and show? I’ll tell you all about it on Monday, after the second CD release is over tomorrow night. Let me just say that I’m still pretty pumped.