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Archives for August, 2014


All Apples Are Round! ADHD Thoughts

Pondering bad logic

I detest false logic. I particularly detest its use in the marketing of so called “ADHD cures.”

You know the stuff I'm talking about, “My son goes wild whenever he eats certain foods. My son has ADHD. Therefore, if you keep your child from eating these foods your problems will be solved. ... What foods? Why, the ones I've listed in my book for just $ And...
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A Day In The Life With ADHD

A play in seven thousand acts.

Comedy? Or tragedy?

Act 1:
Scene 1:
Kelly is walking towards patio door. In right hand is coffee. In left hand is bowl of cereal. Through the door we see his computer on a patio table beside his deck lounge. He is hurrying to put down the things he is carrying because he has suddenly thought...
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Procrastination Is An Island In Denial

There you go!

Firstly, I apologize for the sorry pun. But it works on so many levels ... well, okay two, it works on two levels. The sorry pun is one level.

The other level is the fact that denial is the full time facilitator of procrastination.

I don't mean that we deny that tasks exist, or that they need to be done. We're smarter than that.

We deny that the imperative...
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ADHD Is Not A Benign Disorder

I'm glad there's a consensus

You may have heard me quote from the International Consensus Statement on ADHD from January 2002 before. I rather like what it has to say. Basically, it tells us that there isn't the “the jury is out” scenario that some journalists would have us believe.

I borrowed the title of this blog post from that statement. The full quote I wanted to use...
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It Seems Like Hyper Focus, I Swear It Does!

Copyright 2014 John Brownlow
I seem focused.

I'm working on something. It's a project. Well, actually, I'm hoping it's a career. I'm hoping it's my career.

I've told you I write music. I've mentioned that I play a bit too, I'm sure, I'm not really well known for subtlety. And I've mentioned I've been published a couple of times lately, right?

So I'm throwing myself into this. I've decided...
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ADHD Eclectic (or How I Found The Perfect Summer Job)

Last Friday I started a small temporary part time job. Helping set up for a local folk festival.

The hours are long and the work is hard, but on the other hand, the pay is lousy. I get my admission covered to get into the festival for the whole weekend.

Before I tell you about working in a crowd, I should point out that the band, “Our Shotgun Wedding,” that recorded one of the songs I...
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Goodbye Mr. Williams

Good Morning Vietnam, Courtesy of Wikipedia

Today is the first full day, since the birth of Robin Williams, that we will have to make do without his presence in our world. For so many of us that is going to be difficult.

I'm not prone to fame fuelled hero worship. A person has to be more than well known for me to admire them. Admittedly, it is easier to...
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A Question Of ADHD Impact


Like all health issues, an ADHD diagnosis requires that you manifest a certain percentage of the symptoms that define the disorder.
But there's more to it than that. You also have to manifest those symptoms in more than one setting.
And still you may not receive a diagnosis. There is one last requirement. You see, these symptoms also...
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