Get on board the magic bus ...

Get on board the magic bus …

I’ve noticed that a lot of ADHD references involve transit. Dr. Edward Hallowell often talks about us having Ferrari engines and bicycle brakes.

I’ve talked about our thoughts being like the tracks in a rail yard where all the switches randomly shunt our focus around from one siding to another.

And we all know how rapid our minds can work, jetting from one place to another with little use for tickets, passports or connection schedules.

So it’s little wonder that I got thinking about my ADHD yesterday while I rode the bus.

I guess I should tell you first off, I’ve never ridden the bus in my town before yesterday. So naturally, when a thing called “Transit Tuesday” came up, I got myself a one dollar day long bus pass and I got me onto the bus.

What’s life without new experiences, right?

Now, my town isn’t that big, but in order for the transit system to be of any use, the buses has to weave in and out and around blocks of homes and businesses. So I got to see the town I already know so well, in a way I’d never seen it before.

And of course it got me to thinking …

A different view is what I often come up with whenever I start thinking about something, about anything really. And yesterday I was thinking about ADHD … because I knew I was due to write a post.

And think I did!

And what I thought was, if life is a journey, you know, like a bus journey, but the destination is the same whether you’re a person with ADHD or not, it must actually be the journey itself that counts.

And if that is the case, and I’m feeling confident in assuming that is true, then we need to make every leg of the route count in a positive way, right?

So how do we do that?

So the thing I think we need to do is, get on the bus. The sooner we find a seat and get the bus on its way, the sooner we can settle down to enjoying the ride.

Now I know I’m guilty of procrastination. And I know that I’m not going to cure myself of it any time soon. But I also know that it’s me holding myself back that makes the problem a problem. So I’m going to push myself a little more.

I had a good time yesterday, and I’m going to just remind myself of that, next time I’m putting things off. A good time, in life that’s about all you can really ask for.

Oh, and I think I’ll take the bus again.