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The Cause Of ADHD Revealed

Is this the guilty party?
Is this the guilty party?

Okay, I think I’ve figured something out. The cause of ADHD is everywhere. It’s iodine.

I mean think about it, iodine is in the salt we eat, and no matter how we try to avoid salt, it’s in everything.

Of course you’re asking why doesn’t everyone have ADHD. Well, if we keep going, soon everyone will.

It can’t be that simple??!?

But wait, it isn’t just iodine, you have to have fluoride in your water also. Fluoride and iodine together, they cause ADHD. Oh, and chlorine, chlorine is needed also.

Now, if you’ve consumed iodine, fluoride and chlorine recently, you have a chance to avoid getting ADHD. The trick is not to expose yourself to any kind of sunlight, either direct or indirect. Vitamin D seems to have something to do with it. Better stay out of the moonlight as well, just to be safe.

Dissolve in water

Additionally water and other liquids have an accelerating effect on the process. So if you’ve consumed the three chemicals in question, and you’ve been exposed to UV radiation, try not to drink anything.

Perhaps you’re not appreciating the gravity of this post?

There is also some indication that places of increased gravity may negatively affect the outcome of whether or not you might get ADHD. It seems there are far fewer people at the poles with ADHD than there are in latitudes that are less polar and more equatorial.

Also, if you have in fact not been able to avoid all these causal items, there is a chance that, if you are lucky, you may still not develop ADHD. It seems that you have to be predisposed to it.

To date, we don’t know what causes this predisposition, but we know that if one or more of your birth parents had ADHD than you increase your risk of being susceptible to this disorder.

What’s in the pocket of your genes?

So if that’s the case, if one or both of your birth parents have ADHD, you might want to avoid salt and water with fluoride and chlorine and all other liquids and sunlight and moonlight and maybe move to the pole, either North or South, it doesn’t really mater which.

And that other stuff?

Actually, the iodine thing might not be as important as I first suspected, so you can probably resume consuming salt. And it turns out that chlorine and fluoride aren’t going to cause ADHD either, I don’t consume chlorine,I have a well, but I get fluoride from my toothpaste.

Also, sunlight and even moonlight probably have little to no effect. So that leaves us with hereditary predisposition. That’s pretty much the only “cause” we have. ADHD, it seems, can occur spontaneously, but it’s more likely to happen if it is already in your gene pool.

But that thing about the poles?

That thing about there being fewer people with ADHD at the poles, that’s absolutely true. There are fewer people there of any sort, with ADHD or without.

We should go.

The Cause Of ADHD Revealed

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