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Archives for June, 2014


Speed Is Relative … Even Mine

Relative infinity

I know several couples where one half is diagnosed as having ADHD and the other is not. But on observing the so called Neuro-Typical or NT component of those relationships by themselves, I'm sometimes left wondering if perhaps they aren't possibly worthy of a diagnosis themselves.
The earth's circumference is 24, miles at the equator. If you are standing at the equator, not moving in...
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Blog Entry, June 27, 2014

Dear D̶i̶a̶r̶y̶

Dear Blog:
First, I have to say, it's been two days since I last wrote in here.
Those two days have been hectic ones to say the least. I spent one working hard and running from job to job and the other looking for work, but not finding any.
So, hectic days. Yep, that's right, pretty much normal.
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I Like The Rain And Other Quirky ADHDisms

Yep ...
There are people who like the rain. And I'm one of them. My liking the rain has to do with it limiting my distractions when I'm driving.
I like close ceilings of cloud cover that touch the ground and limit visibility to an adequate distance for driving safely, say three to four hundred yards.
I like this because it means I'm not staring off...
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ADHD Parents: Stop Blaming Yourselves

Me and my mother ...

I had a great childhood, but I had a rough time anyway.
When I was growing up, we didn't know about ADHD. That was partly because we lived in a somewhat remote area, but mostly because ADHD had not been defined at that point as ADHD.
Back then, it was called Minimal Brain Dysfunction, and we...
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7 ADHD Things I Think We May Have In Common

At least, I think we do ...

Symptoms. You're saying we have symptoms in common, and of course you're right. I thought the same thing when I first considered this title.
For instance, if you have ADHD - Predominantly Inattentive type, then we possibly share being distracted, forgetful and disorganized. We are likely to have poor concentration and spend more time than...
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ADHD Peace Be With You

Peace of mind or mind of peace?

I have lived a long time, I guess. 55 years and still clicking along.
I don't feel like I've lived that long, though. I mean, come on, 55 years? It seems like just yesterday I was wondering what to be when I grew up.
Okay, that was yesterday, I still don't feel...
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The ADHD Road Is Paved

Nicely paved ...

What? Huh? What's that supposed to mean? Most roads are paved, but what is the ADHD road?
The ADHD road is the road of life for a person with ADHD. We each have our own road to travel in life. All of us do, ADHDers and neuro-typicals alike.
Much of the scenery is similar, though point of view and distance...
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