... and not likely to let up any time soon ...

… and not likely to let up any time soon …

In the past 24 hours I’ve done many things. Did it seem unusual? No. Was it unusual? Not for me.

Why am I writing about it? Well, in retrospect, I think it might be one of my more distracted, scattered and diverse days. Certainly not the most, just one of the more.

First, I’m writing this late Thursday night. I’ll post it in the morning. I’m telling you this so the time line won’t mislead you.

Last night I spent some time editing the novel I’ve been working on, and checking my email and on Facebook to make sure there were no last minute changes to my 7:00PM meeting. There weren’t. I ate supper, did a little more editing and then walked to my meeting.

The meeting was my writers’ group and the topic of discussion was query letters and … something else that I don’t remember. Something was mentioned about us needing a web site and I volunteered to set that up. Within ten minutes I had secured our domain name. Little wonder I can’t remember what the meeting’s second topic was, right?

When the meeting was over I walked home, went back online and refreshed my memory as to how to navigate my domain servers site in order to set things up for the group.

After checking my email and Facebook again, posting to the writers’ group about the pending web site, answering my private messages, and liking the obligatory cat memes, I shut down and went to bed.

This morning when I got up I ate breakfast, checked emails and facebook messages and notifications and wrote my morning social media post called “Today I love …” before starting to work on listing materials I’ll need for a small outbuilding I’ve been contracted to erect. I made an appointment to meet my sometimes boss for coffee and to discuss jobs that are possibly on the horizon and sorted out and put away some of the tools that I had piled in the doorway after the last job I did. Then I went to my client’s place to discuss dimensions of the building (it’s very small), and decide on a time for starting its construction.

After that, I called my sometimes boss to see if we were on schedule to meet. He’d run into a few distractions (no, he isn’t one of us, his distractions are potential customers wanting to meet with him or past customers wanting another small job taken care of) so our meeting was postponed.

I went to my favorite café and had a coffee and met with two people online, one of whom was an entertainer and I spent a good deal of time discussing the possibility of her doing a show in my town. Then I started making a list of material quantities for the building job, did a little more editing on my novel, and took a preliminary look at a web site I’m going to quote a price on for editing.

When that was done, I headed to a friends place to load up and deliver two desks to goodwill. On the way back, we stopped at the building supply store to price out some materials for the construction job. My friend and I picked up some groceries and went back to her place for an early supper. I checked my emails and Facebook contacts once more, did some more editing, and then wrote this post.

While all this was going on, I was my usual ADHD self. I walked into rooms and wondered what I had come for, often. I spun around, changing direction as I added extra little tasks to the little things I was doing. I drank scads of coffee and talked incessantly, to myself when no one else would listen.

I never slowed down and I never stopped. In fact, I don’t really know what that is like. I’d like to tell you more, these are just broad strokes, but I’m out of space, and I have things to do.

I always do.