To do and to don't list

To do and to don’t list

I’m going to try looking at life differently for a while, maybe even permanently. I’m going to look at things backwards … kind of, sort of, maybe.

I’m going to admit that I’m incompetent at prioritizing my jobs. I’m going to admit it and try to approach my life in a way that will make my incompetence irrelevant. I’m going to forget about priority and just keep doing what I do. When something more important makes its import known I’ll respond accordingly.

But I’m not going to waste time trying to figure out priorities in advance.

That should save me some time.

I’m also going to stop berating myself for jumping and skipping from task to chore to hobby to job. I’m going to continue to do that jumping and skipping the same as I’ve always done, I’m just going top quit wasting my time lecturing. At this age I’ve heard it all anyway, and believe me, none of it has helped.

So now I’m left with this plan:

I’m going to get up in the morning and, just like I always do, I’ll start my day with coffee, social media and thoughts on what to do with the day ahead of me.

When breakfast is done I’ll just step into those things I’ve decided to do. All of them.

Obviously I can’t do them all at once, but if you’re reading this you know how we have several things on the go at once and we feel like, and appear to be doing many things at once. That’s how I’ll approach my day. I think the time I save not worrying and not lecturing myself about keeping on track will show at the end of the day in increased productivity.

I’m hoping the benefits will compound

And hopefully there will be a cumulative effect to the positive aspects of this approach. With any luck the lack of self critique will make me feel better about myself. And with a bit more luck my feeling better will help me accomplish more.

So, shotgun method?

A shotgun is a gun that typically shoots a cluster of pellets. I plan to approach all the many tasks I need to take care of on any given day by shooting a cluster of steps at them, steps to accomplish things a bit at a time.

And since I won’t be taking time to prioritize or criticize I can just reload and fire again. Wish me luck.

On Monday I’ll be updating you on a mental health initiative of a friend of mine, the book release of her Mental Health Recovery Book at the hospital it was written to be released in. I’ll be there later today and I’ll be telling you all about it.