ADHD Spectrum, Mild To Wild

We, as the human race, deal with spectrums all the time. There is the spectrum of intelligence. And within that there is the spectrum of so called normal intelligence.

There is the spectrum of wealth,


ADHD holding me back? How?

ADHD definitely has a negative effect on my life. I missed my dental hygienist appointment on Monday. I wasn’t late, I didn’t go. I was looking for it on my phone calendar today to see what time it was and discovered it was yesterday.


ADHD Does Not Develop

ADHD is considered a developmental disorder. The reason for this is that it comes about, or manifests itself, as we develop. But ADHD doesn’t “develop” as such. “It” is, in fact,


Top Of My List

Have I mentioned my love/hate relationship with lists before? Yes, looking back I see I have. Oh dear, I’ve discussed lists rather often I see.

Sadly, lists is the next item on my list of blog post topics.


Mental Health Week Show

Sometimes I get worked up about promoting mental health awareness. I get upset about stigmatization and marginalization of persons with mental health issues, disorders and disease. I get angry with people who would either judge people whose mental health is less than optimal,