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Archives for April, 2014


I Forgot I Have ADHD

Nothing important I hope.

Did you notice anything odd about my blog on Monday? If you read it on Monday, you would have seen that there was no graphic.

I'm not new to blogging, and I know that a graphic is an important piece of the blog post puzzle. It does several things for most blogs and at least one more thing for ADHD blogs.

It makes the...
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Grocery List, To Do List, Bucket List, What-Ever

I'm invariably torn when I'm in the grocery store, list or no list, between things I know I'll eat and that will be fast and easy, and things I think would be challenging and fun to cook.

And that's life for me as well. I mean, sure, there's things that need doing, places that need going to, books that need reading and songs that need writing.

But there are things that just want doing as well, places I'd...
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ADHD Economic Stimulation Plan

Nope, not enough ...

I think I've just figured out the answer to a really big problem. I think I've just solved world poverty. Well, maybe.

This may sound like I'm joking here, and I want to assure you all that I am not making fun of people who live below the poverty line nor those who live in extreme poverty conditions in the third, or even...
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ADHD: Easily Board … er Bored

Board, board, board, board, bored!

I'm not complaining about work. My job is sometimes hard, but that's okay, I'm up for it. I'm not the young man I used to be, but I'm still able to keep up, even with a damaged shoulder.

In fact, the burden of physical labor isn't a problem for me at all, my problem is that if I do the same thing for...
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The ADHD Choice

I choose ....

A recent comment on my post entitled There’s No Such Thing As ADHD? Really? sort of set my teeth grinding.
It said: “your article is not a true fact. going into a store and coming out with something different is being stupid. having a list read to u and trying to remember is more accurate. it has to...
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Why Try To Be Normal?

First, we'd have to define normal. What is normal? Every child knew someone they wanted to be like. It was how we learned. We watched others and saw how they were treated. Then we chose how we wanted to be treated and acted accordingly. Or tried to.

After a while we came to appreciate that it might be easier to just fit in. we reassessed and tried to become a person who was as close to...
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Adult ADHD

I Have An ADHD Question

I got questions ...

There are hundreds of questions about ADHD that one might ask. Is it contagious? Is it spontaneous? Is it hereditary? Is it something that can start later in life? Is it trauma induced?

No! No. Yes. We don't think so. Possibly.

Is it over-diagnosed? Is it under-diagnosed?

Good question. The reality is that there are cases of ADHD diagnoses being made by lay people and possibly rubber...
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Overwhelmed By Sneak Attack

Looks like a good place for a sneak attack

Did the local hoodlums waylay me at the corner? Have I fallen to the ravages of some dread physical disease? Did someone steal my coffee?

No, none of these things happened. I got busy with many things, I thought I was doing okay as far as all the things I could do in concert...
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Changing The World, ADHD Style

... one thing ....

I had a large number of things to do yesterday, so naturally I started by checking Facebook to make sure the world hadn't ended and just hadn't sent me a memo or left me a voice mail about it.

It seemed the world hadn't ended, even during the 45 minutes it took me to peruse my notifications and private messages. But a post on...
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