Sometimes the evidence ... is all there is.

Sometimes the evidence … is all there is.

Are you familiar with checking out? I don’t mean checking out of a hotel, though lord knows I could write a blog post on that easily. “Yes, Mr. Babcock, you did leave your pillow behind. .. Of course we’ll ship that to you. Would you like your wallet and teddy bear also?” er, never mind.

What I’m actually referring to is that point in time when, for whatever reason, you suddenly (or subtly) go awol. And the only proof you have of the event is that you have no recollection of the last __ (fill in the blank) minutes of your life.

I hate when that happens

Today, as I pulled into my driveway, I found myself saying “Ah, home again.” But my next thought was “Where was I?” I looked around the cab of the truck and, prompted by the view of groceries, deduced and then recalled being at the grocery store.

But I had no recollection of having paid for my groceries. This could be bad. And before you think this is a joke, it wouldn’t be the first time I would have to return to a store to pay for something.

I frantically checked my pants pocket for a receipt, pulled seven of them out and, breathing a sigh of relief, located the one from the grocery store with today’s date on it. I checked it closely. I’d paid cash …

I had a vague recollection of putting some change in my pocket, but this was odd. I don’t usually pay with real money. Mostly because I don’t usually have any on me. It’s easier to let the bank keep my money, they never lose it. Yes, they take it, a little bit at a time, but they never lose it. And when they take it they always report it to me.

So, where had I been?

Where had my mind been when I was grocery store? Beats me. It had checked out before I had, apparently. I had done a service call earlier in the day and had been paid in cash. I’d stuffed the cash into my pocket, intending to take it to the bank. But the bank slipped my mind, even though going to the store for a few things hadn’t. And how I managed to come up with the idea to pay with cash, a commodity I rarely have on me, while I was out cold in inner space, is beyond me.

The only thing that makes this less scary than it could be is this one simple fact … While my mind is absent, some other brain seems to be doing okay in my place. It behaves well enough, and usually hands over most of the memories it amasses.

Lucky for me, when I check out, it seems to check in.