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Archives for February, 2014


ADHD Medication Delivery Systems, Successes and Failures Part I

Learning about Medication Delivery systems

Today and Friday I'll be discussing systems used to deliver ADHD stimulant medications. Did you know that you and your health care practitioner have a choice in how your medication is delivered?

To the best of my knowledge, there are three delivery systems for ADHD stimulant medications. They range from “chancy at best,” to “pretty damned good.”

And in between those two...
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5 Lesser Known ADHD Self-Medication Alternatives

Some of us need alternatives

Diagnosed or not, many of us self-medicate. And we often do it with things that can be dangerous.

Marijuana comes to mind quickly whenever I talk about self-medication. But alcohol is also a common one, and of course the heavier drugs that are available don't get left out.

And since stimulation is the thing that most of us find to be useful in...
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ADHD – What A Load Of Snow!

How much more can it take?

I was called out on a job yesterday. A small metal shed had acquired a snow load that was beyond its ability to withstand. It had begun to collapse.

The things inside, yard maintenance tools, some of them expensive, were still safe from being crushed, but the walls had started to fold under the weight of the roof. Those...
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There’s No Mortality Of ADHD Symptoms

Hmmmmmm ...

It isn't over until it's over. And part of having ADHD is having a very skewed concept of time. “When is it over?” one might well ask. And I'd have to answer with a very firm “I don't know!!?!” accompanied by a very resolute shrug of my shoulders.

The question is not about the life expectancy of someone with ADHD, but rather the life expectancy of the symptoms....
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5 Reasons Why ADHDers Make Better Lovers

Valentine's Day is coming ...

You know I'm going to forget Valentines Day, right? And your birthday, if there's no reminders all over the place. Anniversaries? Yeah, I've gotten really good at the Hail Mary play. You know, where I come up with something really great at the last minute and save my sorry self from the dog house?

I don't think I can say that people with...
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ADHD’s Lesser Known Symptoms

There's more to this than some people think

We all know about Distraction. I can't even discuss ADHD without wandering off topic, thank you very much. It takes me away from so many tasks that I then discover I've left undone, only when I'm trying to concentrate on something else and am distracted back to them. Man, that's disheartening.

We also know that we...
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