I've been creative all my life

I’ve been creative all my life

I’m always hearing that people with ADHD are the most creative people. I’ve never seen statistics to back it up. I’ve not yet found one study that I would consider valid to say that this is so. There may be some out there, but I haven’t found them.

Of course, I haven’t ever looked that hard for any. Why should I. I’m fairly certain that it’s true. What makes me think that? Well, let me tell you …

I’ve found that we seem to gravitate together. We end up at the same table, in the same café, at the same events, hanging out with each other. We seem to sense it in people. At least it seems that way.

Maybe we are just attracted to people who are accepting of our differences. The people who share our uniqueness would fit that bill, right?

Or maybe, just maybe, we end up collected together because we share something else in common. Maybe creative people collect together and maybe so many of them are … well, maybe they, are us? Maybe?

You see, whenever I go to something creative, like the local collection of poets, lyricists and performers we call “Sounds – Words and Music,” I meet my people there. So many are members of our tribe.

At my writers group, I have suspicions about nearly half of them. And 75% of the group of people I work with that promotes local musical events are persons with ADHD. That’s the inner group, the creative ones. I think it drops to 50% in the support group of volunteers, who are pretty damned creative too. Compare that to estimates of four to ten percent of the general population.

Is this a surprise?

Well, yeah, kind of. Don’t you think? That means that we are drawn to creative endeavours and projects that support creative endeavours.

In case you’re thinking that promoting musical events isn’t a creative thing, first let me tell you that there is a lot of creativity involved, and second, the 75% of the inner group are all musicians, and the remaining 25% are … also musicians.

So maybe we are creative, so what?

googolI find it odd that people who have difficulty focusing on things can manage to stay on topic long enough to create, and yet we do. Additionally, I am amazed that, with the googol of thoughts sparking around in our brains, we would be able to create anything but a mess. Yet every other day I create a blog post. Every day I add to the work of fiction I’m currently building or I add to my inventory of photographs or my list of songs written or poems crafted.

Some how, like the oddity of stimulants calming us down, the buzz and hum of constant, multiple, near simultaneous thoughts firing through our minds is conducive to creativity.

I have a theory on that too, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post. Perhaps next week.