Checking for deadlines ...

Checking for deadlines …

So, the beginning of December is upon us. If you’re a Christian you’re getting ready to celebrate Christmas. If you’re Pagan you’re looking to the Solstice as your big celebration. There’s Kwanzaa and Chanukah and New Years all coming up.

And most of these things, these celebrations, require some preparation … are you prepared for that?

Whether you’re Jewish or Muslim or Hindu or Shinto, ADHD transcends all races and religions. I don’t know whether you celebrate this time of year or not, whether you have a faith or a religion, whether you celebrate because you feel it needs to be done, or whether you just celebrate because the people around you are celebrating. But if you have ADHD, you have challenges that may make celebrating somewhat painful.

Simpler times

I’m older than I used to be, we all are of course, but I’ve been getting older for more than 54 years now. And I still remember simpler times. Whether they’re less complicated in my mind because the crazy details have smoothed out in the folds of my convoluted memory or whether they really were simpler, I can’t say. A bit of both, I suspect.

But, either way, there is a simpler memory of the holiday season lurking in my mind and I long for it. I yearn for it with a desire that makes me heartsick if I dwell to long.

Relatives who are no longer with me are still present in those memories, and the commercialism wasn’t so overwhelming. There weren’t the same pressures that now exist.

But I digress

If I could change only one thing about this time of year, I swear I don’t know what it would be. I wouldn’t know where to begin, there are so many things that cause me stress. Whether they make my ADHD symptoms more obvious, or whether they are the stressful things that are a challenge to everyone, there are many stressful notes in this seasonal song of celebration. I don’t know which one to point at as the most stressful issue of this so called joyous season.

Laugh and the world laughs with you

I think that I’d like to learn to approach this time of year with a little more of a sense of humor. You know, let the stressful things be seen for the inanity that they are, let them roll off my back, laugh them off. But seriously, who can do that. I mean, yes, I’ll work on it, but we all know that’s going to be difficult, right?

Everything’s coming up quickly

So I guess what I have to say to you at this point is what I said at the beginning of this post, deadlines are closer than they appear. Try to make the best of this warning as we all wake up and realize that the months we had before this season are now down to one, this one, the month of December. And it’s already begun.

I promise to be more cheerful through out the next month, I just needed to get this out of the way.

And like the words in the title, after a while, the place where those deadlines will seen will be in your rear view mirror, behind you.

This too, like all other things, will pass.