Definitely makin' some ...

Definitely makin’ some …

On December 11th I published a post about how I’m dealing with the stress of the season. I thought I’d let you all know how that’s going for me. In a word, well.

I’m as busy as I have been any other year, and I’d say most of the things I’m getting done would be things I’d normally have gotten done.

But the difference, as I described in that earlier post, is that I’m not committing to a million things. Thus, I’m not worrying about a million things.


Well, actually, I am worrying about them. And in truth, there are things I think of, 13 to the dozen, that I’d love to do. I’m just not saying anything about those things out loud.

I open my mouth to suggest some great idea and volunteer to see it through … and then I say “Merry Christmas” instead, and I smile.

Merry Christmas to me!

You see, while I am worrying that Christmas this year won’t be what it could be, I’m well aware that if I volunteer to do more than I should, that will guarantee that Christmas this year won’t be what it could be, the usual disaster.

So, I’m reporting some success. Stress still exists, but dammit, there is less of it. And I am really okay with that.

And my biggest worry is?

In fact my greatest worry right now, is that I’ll forget what I’ve learned this year, and go back to being a complete fool next year, thinking of seasonal wonders and offering to take charge of making sure they happen.

Can I never plan to do anything?

I’m looking at a couple of little things I’d like to see happen over the next week, but I’m keeping quiet about them. And if they don’t happen, I’ll be sad, but not as sad as I would be if I’d loudly decreed my intentions.

And it’s not that I’m worrying about being a disappointment, I just don’t want the people around me to be disappointed. I don’t want to let the people in my life down.

On the 11th I said:

“And it will get more hectic the closer we get to the holidays, ending in a colossal culmination of Christmas feasts, frivolities and festivities. But I will not have run head long into the brick wall of the holiday season. Nay, not I. I will have slipped into it and worked my way into the proper pace of the thing.”


And it’s true that I have not run headlong into it, and its true that I am calmer, and it’s true that I do not have the anxiety I’ve had in other years.

So I guess that all I have to say about my ADHD Holiday Plan is what I said at the beginning, in a word, it’s going well.

How about you? How’s your holiday season going?