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2013: The Year In Quick Review

A look back ...
A look back …

There are two blog posts left this year, and then 2013 is over, this one, and Monday’s. This one is about the year we’ve just come through, a review of 2013.

I saw a lot of small changes take place this year, yet in the end not much really changed.

There was a lot of noise about the DSM V coming out with new diagnostic criteria, but this was nothing compared to some of the ruckus back in 2010 when the possibility of ADHD being removed completely from the DSM was reported.

When the proposed new DSM was revealed, it turned out that I still have ADHD. Lucky me, eh? But that was nothing more, or less, than what I expected.

On a personal note …

I personally experienced an issue with ADHD medication, I developed anxiety from taking my prescription, and subsequently had to stop taking it. This was a disappointment to me, as far as doing what they were supposed to do, my meds worked very well. It was the thing that they did that they weren’t supposed to do that was a significant 2013 event for me.

A plan is hatched

Another thing that occurred in 2013 was my decision to let the Christmas holidays come and go without stress. That worked out wonderfully. I didn’t commit to anything much, other than being around. I made my way through the last week just getting up in the morning with a cheerful demeanor and greeting the day with a can-do attitude. If something needed to be taken care of, I stepped up and did it. If I was busy doing something and something else came up, I said nothing, until I was done with the first job.

No one noticed. Things got done, by me and others. And the things I didn’t do, the ones I wasn’t in control of? They turned out just fine. Imagine that.

I’d have to say that if I’d been looking for holiday angst and stress, 2013 was a bust.

So was thetre anything exciting going on?

Yes, there were a few great things that happened and a few unhappy moments also. But each one seemed to be tempered in some way. Perhaps I’m still comparing life events to the loss of my wife in 2011. It’s hard to view arguments or accidents as truly catastrophic when you’ve survived such a life changing experience.

So, all in all, as far as ADHD is concerned, and as far as I am concerned, 2013 has been one mellow year.

And you know what?

Personally, I’m hoping that 2014 hits very close to 2013’s mark. I don’t need any added stress, I come pre-stressed, having ADHD is exciting enough.

2013: The Year In Quick Review

Kelly Babcock

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