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Archives for December, 2013


Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

The new year is coming ...

Aah, the last post of 2013. I feel a sense of accomplishment. I've been writing three posts a week for over two years now. In fact, this is my 360th post.

In 2014 I hope to publish another 150 or more.

A writer named Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing Down The Bones, says that writers must write, must engage in writing...
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2013: The Year In Quick Review

A look back ...

There are two blog posts left this year, and then 2013 is over, this one, and Monday's. This one is about the year we've just come through, a review of 2013.

I saw a lot of small changes take place this year, yet in the end not much really changed.

There was a lot of noise about the DSM V coming out with new diagnostic criteria,...
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Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday

Merry Christmas

Today is December 25th. For many Christians, and many others, today is a holiday, religious or otherwise. And for me, it's the same. I'm not a Christian, I'm more of a spiritual Agnostic, but I was raised by Christians and I celebrate this holiday with them as I have always done.

I know you. If you're reading this because you are the person I'm writing for, then I...
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