I'm a lot less likely to get myself in trouble ... unless you're a music critic

I’m a lot less likely to get myself in trouble … unless you’re a music critic

If I’m out in public, and on my guard, I usually do okay.

That is, I usually manage not to embarrass myself too greatly. But hey, I’ve had 54 years to learn how to do that.

Though now that I think about it, in 54 years I should have learned how to NEVER embarrass myself, right?

Well, it hasn’t worked that way

That’s not the case though. When I say I usually do okay, that’s just a corollary of the statement “Sometimes I’ve been known to screw up!”

Sometimes …

On the other hand, since I haven’t learned the trick of never embarrassing myself, I must admit that sometimes it’s best if I do have the odd little faux pas. I don’t need anything great, mind you, just the wrong word or phrase here or there, in front of the fewest number of understanding souls possible.


You see, if I say something wrong, not too wrong, just a little wrong, and the people I’m in conversation with take me to task for it, I’ll be put back on my guard pretty quickly.

With any luck at all,that will be enough to keep me on my game, off the black list, in the good books.

But there is a time out in public when I am okay

I’ve found that there is a social activity that I can participate in where I’m not required to keep my guard up. You see, I can sing. I’m not necessarily that great at it, but I can hold a tune and I can bang out some chords on my guitar. And as long as I’m doing that, I’m good. The words are not spontaneous, they’re memorized, or even better, on a page in front of me.

And there are the requirements of tempo and pitch to distract me from improvising.

But it’s not like I don’t have my say …

A catastrophe in the making!

A catastrophe in the making!

I also write music, and I always speak my mind in my music. So when I’m singing in public I get to tell it like it is.

Yet, because the words are already planned, it’s not like I’m going to say something spontaneous … also known as something inappropriate.

Enter, stage right …

So, I’m okay when I’m on stage … well, there is a risk of me saying something stupid in between songs when I have to introduce them. But so much less of a risk than when I’m in the audience. In the audience I’m really just a disruption holding out for the worst time to occur.

I guess I should just sing … when I’m in public places.