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Archives for November, 2013


Any Time Is ADHD Time

I got lots of time ... I think??!?

My struggles with time are legendary. I don't see it the way others see it. I think of it as a dimension, but a dimension that I don't have the tools to measure or estimate.

For those of us with ADHD, these shortcomings are the things that lead to our being considered poor at time management....
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What Color TV Has In Common With ADHD

ADHD & Color TV
(Image borrowed from Wikipedia Commons
And Modified by me)

There are people in this world who feel that specific mental health issues are new manifestations. They believe that certain disorders are caused by new things that we do, new things that we eat, new chemicals in vaccines and medications.

These people truly believe that ADHD didn't exist before. They truly believe that...
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Hyper What? I Can’t Focus On That

Dr. Russell Barkley knows what's what

I've heard it a hundred times. “Hyperfocus is so great!” And yet, I've been having a problem getting on board with that.

You see, focus isn't just a noun, it's also a verb. And I think it's an active verb. I think focus is something we need to do “on purpose” ... and I can't!

Okay, not true, I can....
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If I Had To Choose

It seems like I'm moving this fast ...

I'm a Hyperactive Person. My hyperactivity has been turned inward for the most part. I manage to stay out of trees and off of roofs ... most of the time. I am 54 years old after all. I really should try to stay on the ground more, right?

But my toe still bobs, my fingers snap,...
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How Not To Be A Success With ADHD

Something worth pursuing

How not to be a success? There's an odd task. I guess I could be more positive. I could have written a post titled “How to be a success” but quite frankly, I'm not sure I know how to be, or not be a success.

In order to tell anyone how to be, or not be, a success, I need to answer the question “What is success?”...
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Adult ADHD

We Should Remember

Lest We Forget ...

There is a suggestion that military service attracts ADHDers. There's excitement, travel, structure and support in matters that require organization.

It seems likely, therefore, that there might be a higher percentage of people with ADHD among military organizations then there is in the general public. And that's quite possibly a good thing for the military.

People with ADHD are often quick responders. We are people who...
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