Happy Birthday ...

Happy Birthday …

It’s Sunday evening and I’m writing my blog post. It’s late, and I’ll probably doze off a couple of times before I get this completed. I do that sometimes, ’cause I should be writing my post in the morning when my mind is fresh, but I often have no topic until the day is spent and I look back at how ADHD affected my day.

I got a problem!

The problem is that today my ADHD didn’t affect my day at all. Oh there were some little things here and there. For instance, I was ready to step into my planned day’s activities when I got sidetracked and started burning a CD for a friend. And I was about to cook breakfast and got caught up on Facebook earlier. And I went to the bedroom to get a T-shirt out of my dresser … four times, before I finally actually returned to the living room with a shirt on. But these are all just daily occurrences that you and I have all experienced on our best days, right?

But today, my appointed duties were that I was to attend the ninth birthday of my dear friend Stella. She and her friend, another nine year old, along with I, and Stella’s sisters were partying at the pond, fishing.

You see, Stella is my first cousin, twice removed, that’s the granddaughter of my first cousin. If I had grandchildren they and Stella and her sisters would be third cousins.

But I don’t have grandchildren nor children, so I have to stand in. No … actually I don’t, but Stella and I are smitten with each other and I was honored to be invited to her birthday fishing party.

How was the party?

I had a great time, thanks for asking. We caught about 25 fish, mostly sunfish and a few largemouth bass. I did a lot of putting worms on hooks and taking fish off of hooks and reminding others about the best way to cast.

And we talked about what fish were thinking and whether it was okay to kiss a fish before you put it back in the lake and everyone got to pet a sunfish on the head at least once. Then we ate hotdogs and birthday cake and presents were opened and soon it was time for me to go home. I’m old, I need to be in bed at a reasonable time, and I also had to write a blog post.

So why did ADHD not affect me today?

ADHD is a developmental thing. My brain development was not arrested at the age of nine, it is quite completely adult … in most respects, but there are a couple of little areas where it may be more like the brains of the nine-year-olds, so I fit in with this crowd really well. We all jumped from subject to subject, shared observations about things that had nothing to do with anything relevant, and laughed a whole lot.

So if you’re tired of having ADHD, and you need a break, try attending a nine-year-olds birthday. But get an invitation first, ’cause if you’re 54 like me, crashing one is just creepy.