Medication may help ...

Medication may help …

So, on Friday, we observed the irrefutable fact that calling something “chemical” didn’t make it evil or bad. We also noted that I’m opinionated but willing to allow others to be as well. Just don’t tell me your opinions are the only ones that matter.

Today, I want to discuss the validity of the use of stimulant meds as a way to help your mind work better. In my opinion, you should, but only if they help.

Here are my opinions …

First off, there are plenty of conditions in life that require medication. Some of those conditions are life threatening. I’m thinking of Diabetes and Heart Disease as two examples, but there are lots more. Surely it would be wrong to deny medication to someone suffering a terminal condition if that medication would prolong their life.

What about something that isn’t fatal?

I personally suffer from Gastrointestinal Reflux, a condition that allows acid from my stomach to enter my oesophagus and burn. The stomach has a lining that keeps the acid in check, protects the stomach walls from damage. When that lining fails, the usual result is an ulcer.

Reflux is precancerous, that is to say, it has a very good chance of causing cancer if left unchecked.

Good news, there are medications that can increase greatly your chance of surviving this. I personally take a medication called Prevacid. I like not feeling the burning. I hope that esophageal cancer is not in my future.

Okay, that’s still a health issue … how does this relate?

Have you heard some of the statistics relating to ADHD? Are you aware that we, as a group, are more likely to be involved in unprotected sex? Did you know that we often seek out dangerous careers? Are you aware that we are more likely to be involved in auto accidents (shhhh, don’t tell my insurance company)? Have you heard that we are more likely to go to the hospital emergency room?

Do you think we might run the risk of a shortened life span because of these statistics? Do you think that helping alleviate some of the bigger symptoms of ADHD might help us avoid some of these hallmark idiosyncrasies of ours?

I think it might be worth looking into, but until it is looked into, if I could take the meds, I would. And I support anyone else’s right to do so, if they so choose. And to the “holier than thou” people who would never take chemicals because their brain works differently I have only one thing to say … can you drive me to the hospital? I seem to have driven my truck into the back end of your car … man that’s a lot of oxygen you’re sucking in there, are you sure all that much of a chemical is safe?