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Archives for August, 2013


Overwhelmed With ADHD

Okay, I cleaned up a bit for the photo ...

I'm not good at titles. I didn't mean to imply that ADHD is overwhelming me, just that I am overwhelmed ... and I have ADHD.

I'm overwhelmed 'cause I'm doing my laundry. Ah, that's not right either. Laundry isn't overwhelming me, but I'm doing my laundry and I've been made aware that...
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ADHD Fugue

You're getting sleepy, very sleepy ...

Is there a state of mind that occurs for ADHDers that could be termed a fugue, or maybe a mini fugue? I think maybe there is, but I'm willing to set my reasoning out before the world and see what is made of it.

Lets start with what a fugue is, shall we?
psychogenic fugue – n., dissociative disorder in which...
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Get Your ADHD Priorities Straight

Decisions, decisions ...

Some things are obvious in life. If your home is on fire, do you stop to admire the flames or call 911? Duh!

Do you hesitate long enough to grab your grandfather's family tartan scarf before rushing out into the street and calling 911? Hmmm.

Do you detour through the house to rescue the guitar your mother gave you when you were 13 years old, the one that...
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Deal With The ADHD Doubters

I personally doubt the existence of Neuro-Typicals

There are people out there who doubt that ADHD exists. And sadly, some of them are people who think that saying something in a loud or strong tone makes them right.

There are people out there who will tell you that, because of the flawed logic they have applied to their investigations of ADHD, they know more about it...
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Forgiveness, ADHD And You

Moving on? Not so fast ...

You may have noticed that my first two posts last week were a bit depressing. I seem to be taking a swing through that area of my life again. So I'm apologizing, I'm asking your forgiveness if that is affecting you in any negative way.
Your forgiveness would help, and don't think I wouldn't appreciate it, but the truth...
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ADHD, Unleashed And At Large

No question about where I'll be this weekend

This weekend, in my city, SummerFolk, will again take over Kelso Beach Park. One of the larger folk festivals, and certainly the largest in this area, this 30 year old event has grown to flavour the third weekend in August with music and crafts. The city takes on an ambiance eclectic as friendly talk and happy...
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Road Rage, ADHD Style

There are some wild people out there

I've seen it. I've done it. I've laughed about it. I've done it again. It's just the way I am ... and the way others are, too.

And I think it has to do with having ADHD. It fits perfectly.

We aren't all the same. This may not apply to you. Because we all start out differently, and because we...
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