Happy Birthday U.S.A. Credit: Wikipedia

Happy Birthday U.S.A. – Image Credit: Wikipedia

Yeah, I know it’s Thursday, and I publish on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. But in fairness to all of you, I was late on Monday and Wednesday this week.

And on Monday, I got to rave a little about my country because it was Canada Day, Canada’s birthday. Today is the big day for America, and since Psych Central is an American web site it’s only fair that we talk about the United States a bit.

And what do I have to say about the U.S. A. Today? I have this to say: Hello, land of ADHD. Happy Birthday.

Land of ADHD?

There is a theory that the European settlers of our beloved continent may well have had a higher incidence of ADHD among them than there was among those left behind.

Why? Good question!

There are a couple of seemingly valid reasons. First, we, ADHDers, are an adventurous lot. We seek the new and exciting options in life. Settling a new country sounds like the way to do that, so we might well have been at the head of the line.

Imagine being released from an environment with routines and schedules and laws that were old and easily despised. I can’t think of a better antidote for that kind of life than a sea voyage and landfall on some wild and untamed shore. I’m ready to go now. Sadly, that wild and untamed shore was here in North America. Mars mission, anyone?

Okay, that’s one thing …

Secondly, we have a penchant for prison. I don’t mean we’re good at doing time, just good at getting in trouble.

With the prison populations having a higher ratio of ADHDers than the outside population did, and the choice of being housed in restraint and boredom or being released into the wilds of a new continent, which choice do you imagine an unfortunately incarcerated individual with scattered, quick thoughts and easy distractions would make?

Two journeys, one continent

Leaving aside our distinctly different choices as to how we went about acquiring our independence once we had established ourselves in this new land, we have a lot in common. And among the commonalities is the extra special love of shiny distractions that many of us bring into the mix here in North America.

We just celebrated also ...

We just celebrated also – Image Credit: Wikipedia

So I am posting today in honor of your country and a little bit in honor of mine. The first week of July, in my book, is North America Week, the week we all celebrate our nation’s births.

We’ve travelled separate yet often parallel roads, and we’ve arrived at our destinations to discover that we have good neighbors. On Monday I celebrated my country, today you celebrate yours. The rest of this week I’m asking you to join me in celebrating our continent.

Happy 4th Of July, & happy ADHD in North America Week. That should be quite distracting, don’t you think?