I may be loony, but I'm not bored

I may be loony, but I’m not bored

It’s Canada Day. Today I’m celebrating the creation of the country I come from, the country I belong to.

And no one knows how to celebrate like we do!

Who is we? Canadians? Well, we do know how to party, but I was talking about those of us with ADHD.

I’ve been at it all weekend. In fact, I started on Wednesday of last week. I had been straining my back for a few days, working on a roof. On Wednesday night, I was lifting something heavy and it shifted unexpectedly and I felt a muscle tear or pop or take hold of my nerves and hold them to the lit end of a Roman Candle.

Not done yet …

I thought I was okay, went to bed for a healing sleep, got up on Thursday morning and took the crazy risk of sitting in a wooden kitchen chair.

When breakfast was over … I couldn’t get up.

The celebration continues …

I drove home. I had no choice. I couldn’t really rest where I was, and I didn’t think I was in bad enough shape to call an ambulance …

The party went on with my own 10 minute version of a dance I like to call โ€œGetting out of the truck and in the door.โ€

At home, I made every effort to rest. I spent Thursday and Friday in bed, in excruciating pain.

Not physical pain, mental pain. I hate sitting still. Though every time I went to get something to eat or drink or go to the washroom I swapped the mental pain for the physical stuff.

I’m not wired for this!

By Friday I was in so much pain from being bored that I took what recovery I’d had and used it up going out to dinner with friends. And I’d have been fine at that, except these friends are the terribly entertaining type and they, and I, were laughing hard much of the evening.

There was pain, the physical type. But I’m tough, I can take it. It’s that boredom stuff I can’t deal with.

Saturday I was supposed to paint a friends porch gables. I was up for it, mentally, and showed up to do the work. She looked at me and declared the day to be too rainy to paint. There wasn’t a drop of rain all day. It took me a long time to make my way home, I wasn’t really wanting to be there, bored out of my skull, so I took many detours.

Sunday, I had a date with my old high school gang. Admittedly, we were a wild and active group, but 35 years later we’ve slowed down a fair bit. We sat on a patio and ate burgers and fries and laughed about how cool we thought we were and nodded knowingly about how cool we’ve become now.

I drove home only to remember that there was a concert on the harbour wall of my town and I had told people I’d be there.

I reasoned that I’d still be resting and grabbed my folding chair. Two hours later, I’m on my way home again. My back has stiffened up and is hurting again and there is some pain there.

But the good news is, I’ve cured the boredom

My back may never recover at this rate, but it was my ADHD mind that was in the most pain anyway. I’ve found the holiday-weekend cure for that, party like you’ve got ADHD. Tonight, it’s the Canada Day fireworks display. Happy Canada Day to all my friends all over the world. And we’ll do this again real soon … the Fourth of July is coming up next.

Boredom? – back off!