Help is on its way ...

Help is on its way …

It’s another hot and sweltering day here in Southwestern Ontario. And I’m writing. I’m not writing another blog post … okay, you caught me, I am, but that isn’t my problem. I’m also writing my bio.

A while ago I was asked to write a short piece on stigma for a peer support booklet that was written to assist people with mental health issues on their road to recovery.

Of course I was thrilled to do that. The result was published here and here on this blog along with an introduction to the booklet by its main author, Melanie Knapp, here. Melanie is a very dear and wonderful friend of mine and I am honoured to have had a small part in her brilliant and caring project.

And now, it’s done!

Tonight, however, is the book launch. And I am involved in it. I am performing. (Did I ever mention that I write music? I’m sure I must have. I’m not really good at keeping quiet about myself … probably in Monday’s post there was something about it.)

Anyway …

I’ll be performing three pieces I’ve written. And that’s okay. Better than okay, I don’t mind doing that at all.

Since I’m performing at the launch, I’ll be introduced. And since I’ll be introduced, Melanie requested my bio so she could introduce me properly. There’s a bio about me here on Psych Central, but it’s about me in relation to this blog. The bio I have to write needs to be shorter and more general. And while I’m not very good at keeping quiet about myself, when put on the spot, I have a problem …

And of course I left it ’til the last minute

And of course I am now flummoxed regarding what to say about myself. I’m performing, so I should mention my musical talent … such as it is. I’m a contributor to the book that is being launched so I should mention my writing career and my credentials vis a vis my mental health. And I’m a local, home grown boy … well, I wasn’t born here, but I’ve been here for 50 years, and my family goes back generations in this area, so I want to mention that.

But this has nothing to do with ADHD … does it?

A bio is usually an enumeration of your characteristics and your successes. How many of us feel successful? I have a hard time listing accomplishments. When we accomplish things, we are rarely satisfied. I don’t know what makes us feel unhappy or unfulfilled, but many of us do feel just that.

How do you go from that to writing about your credits and accomplishments?

Sadly, I won’t. I’ll get the facts out, but none of the accomplishments. Yes I write a blog and have written for several periodicals … yes I live here where my family came from. And yes, sadly, I have ADHD and some experience with dealing with stigma.

There must be more after 54 years …

Of course there’s more, I’m working on it. But I’ll never think of it in for this introduction. I’ll see if I can have something ready for the awards show … just in case I ever get an award for … you know, whatever.