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Archives for July, 2013


Curing ADHD? You Can’t Get There!

Hard to find your way ...

There's this old joke, from the pre-GPS era, that goes like this:

A man was driving across the country. He was in an area he was unfamiliar with and he seemed to have lost his way. None of the roads he saw seemed to be on his map, and every time he turned onto what looked like a better road,...
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Dancing The ADHD Waltz

Some tricky steps, but when it's done right, it looks really bad

Do you dance? Do you twirl and spin? Do you love to waltz?

Me? I'm not overly excited about dancing, but I wouldn't say I dislike it. I appreciate the activity. I bounce with the tempo, absorb the music, and enjoy the social aspect of dancing.

But, as...
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Alternate Names For ADHD: We’re A Funny Lot

Welcome to "Name that disorder!"

In days of old, about three decades ago, ADHD was called Minimal Brain Dysfunction. The fact that it didn't exist as ADHD back then is a really good clue to why the diagnosis of it seems to have skyrocketed in recent times.

It has also been called ADD, as many of you know. But the most recent name, ADHD is the...
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One Of Those ADHD Days …

Just sayin' ...

Today is Tuesday. I often wonder what good Tuesdays are. They're certainly among the blandest of days. Often banal, rarely exciting.

And for someone with ADHD, it is pure poison to experience banality.

They say that boredom never killed anyone, and I say that may be right, but why take a chance. I propose a ban on Tuesdays.

But being bored on a Tuesday isn't what I'm writing...
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Success Is A Failure For Me And My ADHD – Normally

The band, "Our Shotgun Wedding.

Do you ever finish something up and panic? Do you manage to complete some monumental task, garner all sorts of accolades and immediately think “What have I done wrong?” or “What did I forget?” or “What is going to blow up because I wasn't paying attention?” Or just “Everyone thinks this is amazing, but what do I do now?”

That's me!...
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