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ADHD Is Putting Things Off

I may have put a few things off this weekend ...
I may have put a few things off this weekend …

Is it time to write my blog post yet? Lets see, it’s 11:18 … PM …. Sunday night …. and I’m tired.

Why didn’t I do this earlier? Why didn’t I write my blog on Friday night for instance?


On Friday, I was on the job. Not my job as a writer, my job as a contractor’s assistant. It was a hard day. We were behind on our work because, earlier in the week, when we took the roof we were supposed to be replacing off the building we were working on, we found rot in the structure. We had to cut that out and replace some of the frame.

We had already missed a day due to rain, so we had two strikes against us. Friday started out bad and got worse. We finally resolved ourselves to not getting as much done as we had hoped, an hour before the day was done.

I was not feeling very human when we cleaned up and packed it in for the week. While I don’t have a vested interest in how the job goes, my boss is also my friend and so, how the job goes is important to him and obviously, by default, to me.

Okay, it’s true that he’s a lot easier to deal with when things are going well, but that other stuff is true also.

So Friday night would have been a great time to write a blog post, but I needed Friday night to unwind and become human again. I spent the evening driving the hour long trip home and showering and snacking and even discussing poetry with a friend.


Who works on Saturday? Well, truth be told, I do. But this past Saturday was the day tagged as the Summer Solstice Saturday and I had a party to go to. I also had laundry to do and shopping at the market. Coffee and visits with friends I hadn’t seen all week while I was away on the job took up the bulk of my day until it was time to leave for the Solstice soiree.

I also had a job doing a small bit of painting that morning but when I showed up to do it, it started to rain just a bit and the job was postponed until next weekend. Oh well.

The Solstice party was way better than okay, and went way into the night. I managed to get myself to bed around three in the morning. That would have been fine, but …


Sunday morning I was awakened early by the clock radio on my night stand. It was set and forgotten. I awoke, shut it off and started to drift back to sleep.

Then I heard the birds singing, the house creaking, the leaves on the trees outside rustling … and finally a siren. I gave up finding sleep. I charged into the day, my laundry needing to be finished up and other things needing to be taken care of. Supper with a friend went all too quickly and before we knew it, it was time to head out to a gathering called Harbour Nights down by the water here in my town.

My town is rich in talent of many varieties and music is well represented. The group that performed was Drew’s Electronova and, with the cost of admission being a donation, it is hard turn these things down. Besides, if the admission was set and high, Drew’s group would still be worth it.

But as I rolled back to my house this evening and started trying to come up with a blog topic, I realized I’d done it again. I’d procrastinated and postponed and ignored priorities.

But it was worth it. This weekend was the only way to make the past week go away.

Getting it done

And, although I’m nearly late with this post, I still got it done.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to pack the truck and maybe try to get some sleep before heading off to work tomorrow. In the mean time, rest assured I’ll be back on Wednesday with a post … hopefully on time, yes?

ADHD Is Putting Things Off

Kelly Babcock

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