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Archives for June, 2013


Emergency Room Medicine For ADHDers

Emergency Room Medicine


A man walks in to an emergency ward and approaches two women at a desk.

It is quickly ascertained that he needs help immediately as his hand is wrapped in a hastily made towel bandage that is dripping blood.
“What have you done to yourself this time, Earl?” asks the one in nurse's scrubs.

Earl offers a sheepish grin, one that holds more embarrassment than happiness as...
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Boys And Girls And ADHD (Rated “R”)

Good old School Days

It's okay, I have my own rating system, “R” is for Relax, the kids can read this.
And it's not that I couldn't write a post that would fit in with the more standard “R” rating, we have that libido thing going on. We're good people … we're just really impulsive and often make bad decisions and want instant gratification and … well,...
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No Two Alike! ADHD Is Still A Spectrum

No two alike.

“Viva L' Difference” was a catch phrase in the liberated sixties and seventies. It was a reference to the fact that there were two genders, and more pointedly, to the feeling that “thank gawd that was the case.”

But there has always been an assumption that the world is so rich because no two humans are alike. And thankfulness for that is also assumed.

And yet,...
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Gift or Curse – The Age Old ADHD Argument

Creativity is a gift, but where does it come from?

Dr. Hallowell says your brain is a Ferrari engine with bicycle brakes. Dr. Barkley says that there is no such thing as hyperfocus, it's perseverance, and it's bad.

Doctors have been debating the idea of ADHD gifts since the label was minted and the debate about ADHD's existence began.

The one gift...
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The Innocence Of ADHD

"Does he have any kibble on him?" Maggie wonders.

I'm looking at a dog. No, I'm not looking at a dog like one looks at a house on the market or a new car, I'm literally sitting here, looking at a dog. Her name is Maggie, She belongs to my boss.

Maggie is lying on my living room floor. She opens her...
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