One mans fortune ...

One mans fortune …

I spent most of my undiagnosed life blaming bad luck for the lows and feeling very lucky when times were good, which wasn’t often. I didn’t then, nor do I now, believe in the art of fortune telling.

I get a kick out of numerology when applied to birth dates, because the numbers are based on a calendar that has a random start date.

Tarot cards may be more accurate, I don’t know, and I’m equally unenlightened about palm reading. They could be the real deal … though I doubt it. My palms are so scarred that I don’t think you could read them anyway, even if they were actually written on. Oh, wait … eggs, bread, new guitar … maybe I can read my palm.

And I was never lucky at cards

Not Tarot cards, playing cards, greeting cards, none of them.

And credit cards also seem to hold more misfortune than fortune for me. Mine was recently hacked for several thousand dollars worth of travel and accommodation. Visa is currently trying to ascertain whether or not I’ll be liable for that??!?

I’ve never known anyone with a crystal ball, nor the ability to see the future in one.

I think the art of phrenology, the reading of the lumps on ones head, might have more to it then crystal gazing. I’d like to give it a try, if only for the scalp massage. But my head has some weird bumps, I don’t know if they could read mine.

But if there is one obvious place to turn, it would have to be the fortune cookie fortune.

How can we be sure that it is effective?

There are many reasons why the fortune cookie fortune works. It isn’t printed up specifically about you, so it can’t have been knowingly geared to you. And hey, it’s a cookie, what more proof do you need? Okay, enough with the reasons, already.

Without any further distractions, I’d like to relate to you my choices for top 10 fortune cookie fortunes for people with ADHD. Some of them might be actual fortune cookie fortunes … but probably not, this is a low budget production.

10 – You are a person with too many books on the go …

9 – You appreciate browser tabs

8 – The rent is late

7 – You may find that you are easily distracted

6 – What was I talking about?

5 – You are an idea person

4 – At this time you may find you have had to much coffee

3 – You are about to embark on a new career … again

2 – You are a person of infinite activity

And the number one, all time favorite fortune cookie fortune (of mine)

1 – Squirrel!

Happy Friday everyone.