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ADHD Tip: How To Clean A Roasting Pan In 12 Easy Steps

My roasting pan, ready for step 12
My roasting pan, ready for step 12

As you may well know, I find doing my housework to be tedious and trying. I’m nearly always behind, always if you count that when my house appears to be ship-shape, it simply means that it isn’t wise to look in the closets.

One of my most trying ordeals is doing the dishes. I’ve not completely mastered them yet, but I’m only 54 … it’s coming along, there’s still time.

One of my successes in this department has been cleaning my roasting pan. And I’m so proud of this success that I want to share it with all of you.

So, without further preamble, here is my 12 easy steps to cleaning my roasting pan:

  1. Dirty it.
    If you have ADHD then you need protein. If you’re an omnivore you’ll be getting that from eating meat. One of the better ways to dirty your roasting pan is to dry roast ribs. That means to cook them in an oven on a rack in the roasting pan. Cut them up into easily handled pieces and slather them with cooking sauce. The higher the sugar content, the dirtier the roasting pan will be and the better this cleaning technique will work.
  2. Eat the ribs.
    Really a no-brainer, but the point is, don’t do anything with the roasting pan once you serve the ribs. Just forget about it. A day or two should do nicely.
  3. Discover that the roaster is dirty.
    Run the hot water ’til it’s hot, add some soap to the roaster and put an inch or two of the hottest water you can into the roaster … make sure it’s too hot for your hands.
  4. Discover you can’t find your rubber gloves.
    This is an important step.
  5. Decide to leave the roaster ’til it cools down.
  6. Get distracted and lose the roaster, usually any counter will do.
    This is an easy step, another pot or pan sitting out on my counter top will not attract my attention. Many other things will.
  7. Get busy for a week.
    The trick here is to not leave the roaster for much longer than a week. After two weeks you’ll start to wonder what that smell is.
  8. Check the roaster after a week.
    The baked on stuff should have floated to the top. It also should have acquired a slightly blue-green woven layer that will hold it together. Get a dirty spoon out of the dishwasher to ‘skim’ the rigid sheet of scum, held together by the fake lawn-like weaving that it has grown, off the now almost pristine cold water in the roasting pan.
  9. Drain the pan.
    At this point I should warn you – do not drink the water you drain, it has soap in it. I’m telling you this because I personally forgot about the soap being there. You’re welcome.
  10. Add more soap and the hottest hot water again.
  11. Now scour the already clean roaster
    Do this wearing the rubber gloves you found sitting underneath the roasting pan when you moved it to dump the water. Yep, they were there all along. All part of the process.note: while this scouring is more for show (how could any bacteria have survived a week in a counter top bound covered roaster) I strongly urge you to perform this step as it will give you a sense of accomplishment.
  12. Get some more ribs.
    That’s right, I know it’s a thankless job, but you have to keep your roasting pan clean, so rather than complain, just start over again. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be done.

So that’s it. If any of you have any tips to share, by all means, feel free.

ADHD Tip: How To Clean A Roasting Pan In 12 Easy Steps

Kelly Babcock

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