Been there, Done that, got the T-shirt!

Been there, Done that, Got the T-shirt!

Are you tired? Are you bored? Have you had enough of ADHD? Do you want a cure? Do you want a way to fix it? End it? Leave it in the past?

Join the club. That’s what we all want.

That’s why the people with the latest therapy or herbal remedy or book or diet will always have customers.

Don’t misunderstand me, some of the books outline plans that help some of us, maybe even many of us. And many of the books available do the great service of reminding us that we are not alone in this insidious disorder. But we are as diverse a group as there could be. Even the things we have in common aren’t common to each and every one of us.

How bad is it, doc?

So we are in the worst situation. We recognize our symptoms in each other, but no one else has all our symptoms. How could there be a single solution, a one size fits all fix for the diversified mind of diversion?

In a world of white, button down arrow collared, long sleeved dress shirts, we are a big old rack of tie-dyed tees …

In a world of white, button down arrow collared, long sleeved dress shirts, we are a big old rack of tie-dyed tees, every one the same, no two alike. Some of us are loud and flashy, some of us are deep and quiet, each of us is swirly in our own unique way.

And when we get going, we can be pretty intense. We do things with out reservation, we hit some plan hard and barrel through. We don’t look to the side when this happens, we keep our head down and we charge in with guns blazing, so to speak.

Ahh, but then …

When we’ve finished, ahh when we’ve finished, we can’t answer the simple questions that people ask. Questions like “How did you think of that?” or “How did you manage to accomplish that so quickly?” go unanswered while we raise hands and shoulders and shake heads with glazed eyes and open mouths. We don’t recall how we did it, sometimes we don’t recall even being present for the work.

And yet, we know we did it. We have a brief sense of accomplishment. We even feel proud of what we’ve done, though we wonder how we managed it.

This is just one of the things about ADHD I could leave behind without a backward glance. I wish I could capture the secret of “how I do it” so I could bring it to bear on every problem I have.

And I do love the things I do, the things I get done, the stuff I accomplish. But I know the sacrifices I make. I forget the little things and the not so little things that require my attention.

So when it comes to ADHD, I’ve been there, done that, whatever that was …

… you know, most of it, well, some of it, anyway. Damn!