Something to focus on ...

Something to focus on …

What happens when our pleasure centres are stimulated? We like it, that’s what happens. And what happens when we like something? We want more of it. In fact, with our propensity toward addictive behaviour, we’re liable to seek out that pleasure centre stimulation at great cost to our well being.

And what do we call that seeking out of stimulation? We call that focus, that’s what we call it.

For us, focus is a vacation in an exotic foreign country.

For us, focus is a vacation in an exotic foreign country. One we’ve visited before, albeit rarely. One we are distantly familiar with. We know focus like we know the horizon seen at the end of our street. We may not get that far away from home very often, but the view of it is a familiar sight.

I’ll give you hyper!

As to the illusive hyper-focus, it’s only real if it is controlable. Lets face it, we don’t so much hyper-focus as tune in to the parts of life we like. Tune in, and zone out from the rest of the world.

People who don’t have ADHD just call it focus when they tune in. It’s not really focus if you don’t get to decide what to focus on, don’t get to stick to it. It is focus if you can stick to it and don’t like that which you are focusing on.

If we’re really lucky, we can somehow tie in that which we really like with that which needs to be done. It could be like being parent and child. “If I get my taxes filed, I can go on Facebook and like 20 cat memes.”

Or it could be as simple as bearing in mind that if you want to go out tonight, you have to finish the work you are doing in order to afford that type of luxury.

Find what you love to do and do it

If it sounds like I’m coming down hard on you, me, us … well, maybe I am. But there is a small trick I can tell you about here. You are not likely going to end up being rich. You might, but not likely. And I can almost guarantee that if you choose to do something you hate in order to make a living, you will not be rich.

So choose something that you love to do. You still most likely won’t get rich, but you have a chance to be happy, productive, happy, self sufficient … and did I mention, happy?

Bonus round …

As an added bonus, you may well appear to be focused. Remember what I told you at the beginning? Remember what happens when our pleasure centres are stimulated? That’s right, we like it. What a great way to cheat on your ADHD. Oh, and apparently, if you’re happy, there’s this little thing about living longer and healthier and … well, you know, happier.

I love to write, what do you love to do?