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5 Reasons For Not Having A House Concert

Our Shotgun Wedding, donating their time
Our Shotgun Wedding, donating their time

There are times when you should speak up, and there are times when you should keep quiet. There are times when you should stand up and be counted and times when you should conveniently be in the bathroom when the vote is tallied.

A Friend of mine is on his way to India for a month. He is volunteering to teach Tibetan refugees, that’s what the trip is about. Its a working vacation of sorts, more working, I think, than vacation.

He hasn’t left for India yet, but the work has begun already. He has to pay his way there and support himself while there and my friend is not so well heeled that he can just slap down the cash for a venture like this.

Many people have been toiling away to help him raise funds. There have been several fund raising events that have brought in admirable amounts of cash.

But one notable fundraising endeavour, the offer of a house concert by a local band in exchange for a $500 donation was not attracting any takers.

The deal was that whoever made the donation could have the concert in their home and sell tickets to it to recover the cost.

What this would require …

This initiative would need several things to fall into place before it could work, and frankly, I didn’t think it would work. What would those things be? Read on.

  1. The proper venue would be required.

I really don't have the room ...
I really don’t have the room …

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with my home. The salient feature is a 22 foot by 32 foot open concept kitchen/living room/extra area with no name kind of thing, a room where I spend most of my home life. It’s not big enough for a concert. Not really.

  1. A love of people, those who are in need and those who would help them.

I’ve long held my friend in high esteem for his sensitivity to the plight of Tibetan refugees. Their politics is not something I’ll discuss here, but the horror of their escape to India and their subsequent needs are real, and my friend is wanting to help them. But why should I have to help him?

  1. $500 that can be used to guarantee the show.

While this is really just a loan, you have to wonder what would happen if you never saw your money again. I did happen to have exactly $500 that had been recovered from a bad investment, it had started out as substantially more. Frankly, given the stupidity of the initial investment, I considered myself lucky to have recovered that much of it. How wise would it be to risk it on something like this?

  1. A love of music … and food.

As it happens, the musicians were also offering their services as very good cooks. They were bringing food, going above and beyond because they are also friends of my altruistic friend. But their fare is vegetarian, and I’m an omnivore, I could go without meat for a meal, but should I have to?

  1. A sense of adventure and a love of risk.

If I wasn’t a risk taker, the five hundred bucks would still have been a lot more money tucked safely away in the bank. Maybe I should learn from my mistakes. The smart thing would be to wait until someone else steps forward, makes the donation and claims the concert. Then I’d buy a ticket and enjoy the show.


Good plan.

I’m learning to be responsible.

Did I mention that the band that was offering to do the house concert happens to sing a song that I wrote? Yeah, it’s called “You Do That To Me” … and I’m rather proud of it.

Did I mention that I love to help people?
Did I tell you I love music?
Did I mention that I get a thrill out of taking risks?

Have I ever told you I have ADHD?

I put the $500 donation on my VISA card. The concert was great. And I played a three song set during intermission. Cool, eh?

5 Reasons For Not Having A House Concert

Kelly Babcock

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