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Archives for March, 2013


ADHD Is A Solo Collaboration

I like to think I'm creative, but is it an ADHD gift?

People often refer to the gifts of ADHD, some raving about them and others denying their existence.

I, being the consummate fence sitter, try not to weigh in on the gift question, though I don't always succeed.

I will say that it is often presented as “gift vs...
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Bring It On, I Can Take It! I’m A Poet With ADHD

©2013 Kelly Babcock
Vague moons and hazy sunsets
Seem the emblems of my life,
Angst builds up with duties shirked,
With dodging grief and strife,

The poem completes the page

Have you ever sat down at a desk, intent on writing a poem, your purpose in doing so simply to prove yourself capable? I write a lot of things, blog posts, songs, poems, chapters of unfinished books (don't...
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6 Home Remedies For ADHD

Home Remedies come in all shapes and sizes

You know there's no cure, I know there's no cure, but we both know there are things that help.

Stimulant medications are proven to assist many of us in focusing our minds and stilling our souls. But they don't work for everyone. And even when they do, sometimes the side effects aren't tolerable.

I'll be your example...
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Getting Worked Up, ADHD On The Job

All right, back to work, all of you. (By Rodw via Wikimedia Commons)

A while ago, I received an email from a reader discussing ADHD in the workplace. Her situation was that she was rejoining the outside workforce after having put in more than two decades in the service of running a household.

Further to this, she had only recently been diagnosed with ADHD.

She had started...
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A Secret About People With ADHD

A good talking to ...

I was talking online with a friend of mine one day last week. We were discussing the similarities in our work. She addresses people who are newly diagnosed with ADHD in a workshop setting. I ... well, I do this, I address people in a blog setting.

My friend and I were talking about her approach to talking with people. She told...
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Time Machines, Trains, And ADHD

Compost and machines ...

It's the end of the morning and I haven't started working yet. It's the end of the afternoon and I haven't started dinner. It's the end of the day and I haven't started cleaning up the kitchen. It's the end of the week and I haven't started the laundry.

It's almost spring and I haven't put the deck furniture away for the winter yet.

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Why I Can’t Think Straight; ADHD Brain Revving

What do I do next?

Perhaps that title should read “Why I can't think at all?” ... forget “straight.”

When I get up in the morning, my normal state of mind is rather a tornado. If I've got some stressful issues in my day, that normal state can be turned way up. Mostly, the tornadoes are focused when I've got things to deal with.

Sunday was like that...
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ADHD And Overwhelmed At The Big Show!

Nothing to fear but being overwhelmed

About four months ago I started participating in a program called “Sounds,” a local monthly show of music and spoken word by amateur and professional artists.

The show consists of one musical act and one spoken word act each doing a set. Other musicians, poets and spoken word artists then take turns performing in an open mic, coffee house style.
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Autism And ADHD, I’d Never Say I Told You So …

Are you on the spectrum?

I'll tell you why I might consider it though.

A few months ago, a tragic event occurred. There was a shooting in a school in Connecticut.

And then, because tragedy isn't apparently enough for some, there were comments made about the mental health of the alleged shooter. I took the stance that his mental health was secondary to the issue, and only played a...
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