6 Home Remedies For ADHD

You know there’s no cure, I know there’s no cure, but we both know there are things that help.

Stimulant medications are proven to assist many of us in focusing our minds and stilling our souls.


Getting Worked Up, ADHD On The Job

A while ago, I received an email from a reader discussing ADHD in the workplace. Her situation was that she was rejoining the outside workforce after having put in more than two decades in the service of running a household.


Time Machines, Trains, And ADHD

It’s the end of the morning and I haven’t started working yet. It’s the end of the afternoon and I haven’t started dinner. It’s the end of the day and I haven’t started cleaning up the kitchen.


ADHD And Overwhelmed At The Big Show!

About four months ago I started participating in a program called “Sounds,” a local monthly show of music and spoken word by amateur and professional artists.

The show consists of one musical act and one spoken word act each doing a set.