Just polishing off another February

Just polishing off another February

Welcome to the first of February. The beginning of the dull part of winter here in the great white north. I’m sure it’s pretty boring where you are too. If it isn’t, I don’t want to hear about it.

While this post is a sort of tongue in cheek look at ways to keep busy, there is in fact, merit in what I’m saying. We can get through February without getting cabin fever, without going stir crazy or shack-wacky as it is sometimes referred to here in the back country. Yes, I live in a small city, but I live out in the burbs, I call that the back country.

Bite the bullet points

And since I can’t really tell what kind of things you’d be into, this list is a bit personal. Not personal in an “Eeeew, TMI!” kind of way, just personal in a “Yep, that’s Kelly.” kind of way. I offer the bullet points as items, but read the descriptions, there will be a more generalized idea of what to do there.

And now, enough preamble, let’s have a look at that list. I put it in a pile somewhere … oh, here it is.

 7 ADHD Ways To Beat The February Blahs

  1. Clean your motorcycle – if you don’t have one, come on over and clean mine
  2. Repair your canoe – now’s the time
  3. Read a good book or five – I opt for five usually
  4. Throw Crash a party – (we usually aren’t organized enough to throw a party) a party is always a great way to kill time, and brain cells, try to selectively kill the ones that picture February as dull and boring
  5. Climb something tall – trees if the weather is good, the walls if you’re stuck indoors
  6. Hang out with your friends – if you don’t have any, see Last Wednesday’s post
  7. Create something artistic – snow men and snow women are an artistic endeavour, and there’s no people like snow people …

If any of these things don’t seem to fit in with your particular situation, don’t worry. Just make changes so that they will fit, or substitute your own activities.

You might, for instance, wax your surfboard instead of repairing your canoe or polish your dune buggy instead of cleaning your motorcycle. You may prefer listening to music or watching movies over reading books.

Seize the day … er the month, I guess

Pick your own seven and let yourself fly through February, blah free.

The point is, there is no reason for anyone with ADHD to have the February blahs. After all, we are exciting, adventurous people with many irons in the fire. Pick your own seven and let yourself fly through February, blah free.

And remember our poor time management skills

February is a short month, and with our poor sense of time, though it may well seem to drag while we’re in it, once it’s gone we’ll think it flew by. Wasn’t it autumn just last week?