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The Dog Ate My Homework

Here spot, here spot, come ands get it ...
Here spot, here spot, come and get it …

It’s 25 minutes after nine at night, and tomorrow is Wednesday, January the second. And I’m just starting to write tomorrow’s post. I was out for dinner this evening, dining at friends. There were many people there, some I didn’t know. Of course, after dinner the conversation drifted quickly to “What do you do?”

We all define ourselves by this, ‘what we do’, or at least what we do best, in our opinion. It isn’t who we are, but it is a measure of what we are capable of, to some extent. I rarely tell people at soirees of this sort that I’m a contractor. No one wants to hear “I can replace your toilet” as after dinner conversation.

I tell people I’m a writer. I am, after all, exactly that. It is, to my mind, the measure of me that I believe speaks the best of me. I’m not above bragging a little, and I can back up my claim. There is my old blog, and this one, a few good magazine articles, some newspaper pieces to point at.

Getting on with the post of the day

But the point is, that I was telling someone tonight that I am a writer. And just as I got to the “Yes, I write a blog … ” part I suddenly realized that it is Tuesday evening and I haven’t written word one of tomorrows post.

Often I’m two or three posts ahead.

Ha, right! Sometimes I’m two or three posts ahead, sometimes not. But I haven’t been this close to the wire in a few months.

I know why I’m sitting here writing tomorrow mornings post tonight, I know why I’m late writing my blog about ADHD, It’s because I have ADHD.

Time management is a wonderful thing … I’m told

I’ve never really experienced the full on, intense sort of state of time management that caused people to coin the phrase “time management.” That’s probably because I don’t really have a good picture of time in my head.

One of the few times I’m able to ‘experience’ time passing, other than while under the influence of substances I’m not comfortable mentioning, is on New Years Eve. I watch the clock, see the progression, count off the sections as they are passed by. It’s a bit like waiting for quitting time was … when I had a real job.

Yesterday was spent in a countdown, I watched the sweeping hands lay waste to the final dregs of the year 2012.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life …

I hate sayings like that! Today is not yesterday, I know this because today has no countdown. Instead, today is a resetting of the clock, back to “365 days to go …” While yesterday was spent in revelry, today was more subdued. It looked like one of hundreds of days to come. I was mislead, tricked into thinking there is plenty of time to do everything, anything.

But there isn’t, is there?

So, instead of writing a post on some clever subject, and I intend to do that clever subject post thingy someday soon, I’ve been left writing an excuse for why I’m writing this post late on the evening before my publication date.

And my excuse is … that the dog ate my homework

… What? Well, I’m tired of getting down on myself. I forgot that, while New Years Eve is great for helping me notice time going by, the holiday today just lulls me into forgetting that there are only two times for us, now and not now. And no one wants to do now what they can put off ’til not now.

Happy mañana everybody, and welcome to the new year.

The Dog Ate My Homework

Kelly Babcock

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