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Archives for January, 2013


Violence And ADHD: It’s Not Really In Us

ADHD and violence, is there a connection?

Now that, is a bad title. It suggests that having ADHD precludes being violent. Nothing could be less true. But, having ADHD does not indicate violence either.

Having ADHD means that we're not strangers to low self esteem, not unused to the companionship of frustration. And while these things could be triggers for violence, the empathetic...
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The Best Day Of My ADHD Life?

A good day done? ... or a good day beginning?

You know, I'm all for positive imaging. I believe in the power of my thoughts and emotions. I believe they can be a positive influence on my life. But I'm caught between two camps here and I'm not the negotiator these camps think I am. At best, I'm confused ...

You see, I'm not sure these two camps will...
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My ADHD Mind Is An Open Book

I wear my ADHD on my shirt ....

I try to keep an open mind about my life, but writing about ADHD three times a week makes it hard to think of life in any other way. I don't know if I can get through a day without thinking about ADHD and the effect it has on me.

I don't recommend anyone wear...
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4 Reasons People With ADHD Underachieve

Really big things I've done ...

We are constantly on the go, jammed into high gear, yet we get so little done. In any given day, we can list dozens of things that we didn't do, but there's no list of things we did do. We have the high test, formula one engine, but our tires are bald and we're driving on ice.

And, as...
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Errors In ADHD Diagnosis At The Doctors Office

I hope the doctor is in ...

Mary: “Doctor, I think I might have ADHD.”

: “Were you diagnosed with it as a child?”

Mary: “No, I wasn't.”

: “Then you can't have ADHD. It starts during childhood.”

The above is my version of a conversation that was related to me by the person I've called 'Mary' (not her real name). It's pretty accurate as far as...
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The ADHD Of The Future

Executive Function is highly over rated

The following is a quote from a colleague of mine. I find it to be a compelling statement that describes one aspect of ADHD, our difficulties with Executive Function, EF, very accurately. Please read on.
Many people , (like me) experience executive dysfunction. This important self-regulatory system when in deficit, makes it difficult to take steps towards a goal...
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