5 Make-at-home gifts ...

5 Make-at-home gifts …

Wow, that sounds like a Pinterest pin-able title if ever there was one. If you’re a craft-y person you’ll probably be looking for the Pinterest widget already, but maybe you’d better leave the tacky glue, craft sticks and gold glitter away until you’ve read this.

What do you give the person who has ADHD?

What would someone with ADHD want that others wouldn’t appreciate as much? I don’t know. I’ve reviewed the list and the things on it are things that anyone would want. But they are things that people with ADHD see less often in their lives.

And we’re not talking cash or cars or big screen TVs here. Of course most of us want most of those things, though it’s true we might see them less often or for less time than others. Until we’ve found a means of replacing our executive function with procedures, or significant others who know how to make decisions without us feeling left out, we typically don’t get as far ahead in life.

Is it really worth giving gifts to ADHDers?

[…] all I have to say about this idea is: “You should be so lucky!”

You may have heard if you’re nice to someone with ADHD you’ll be stuck with them. Like feeding a stray cat, they won’t go away. This may be true, there are no studies to confirm or refute this postulation. As soon as there is information available, you can be sure I’ll have it for you right here. But in the mean time, all I have to say about this idea is: “You should be so lucky!”

Sorry, that was snarky Kelly, I’m back now

Why? Because when you offer us any one of the things on this list, you not only get it back, you also increase our self worth and that increases our belief in our abilities. Believing in ones own abilities is self fulfilling prophecy at its best. That leaves you with a very strong friend.

There’s a way of giving a gift …

So what do you get when you encourage someone with ADHD? You get someone who has ADHD … and self esteem. What do you get if you discourage someone with ADHD? Think about it. That’s right, you’re left with a person with ADHD … and little else.

We are easily “bought” with a little decency. And if we haven’t been denigrated and discouraged for too long, we will respond rather quickly to the gifts I’m suggesting. I know this, I’ve been the recipient of these things and, while I still struggle, I know that struggle is easy with self esteem.

I’ve gone on long enough, don’t you think?

No, don’t answer that. So without further ado, here is my list of gifts that any person with ADHD would appreciate, and so would anyone else.

  1. Respect. Easily given and the ingredients are not hard to find, yet the resultant gift looks like you’ve been slaving away on it for hours.
  2. Encouragement. This is one that never goes out of style. Keep some extra encouragement in a secret place, a little extra given at the correct time can re-energize the first batch and make the effect just as powerful as it was when you first gave it.
  3. Structure. This one requires some planning, but is well worth the effort. You can find blueprints for this online and in self help books, but you are welcome to come up with your own plans and modify them on the fly.
  4. Acceptance. There are things about a person with ADHD that, once understood and accepted, become mundane and commonplace. This is a gift you can give to yourself as well as the person with ADHD. Imagine not being as annoyed at forgotten appointments and the occasional humorous faux pas.
  5. Love. This one is self explanatory I think. Who doesn’t know the effect of love on the strength, health and well being of themselves or another individual. People with ADHD need reassurance often. Show a little love and see if it doesn’t come back to you in a magical way. We’re good at that magical stuff.

I was going call Friday’s post “5 Make-At-Home Gifts For The Person With ADHD To Give” … but the list was the same.

Who knew?