Some ADHD Facts (see below)

Some ADHD Facts (see below)

Why are people being denied access to diagnosis, or even education about ADHD? Why is it not on the initial list of things looked at during a psychiatric evaluation? If it turns out you have ADHD, and not Bipolar Disorder or OCD, you are in a group whose treatment is potentially more effective. If you have ADHD AND Bipolar Disorder or OCD, you are going to need attention paid to all of your mental health issues. If you don’t have ADHD, you’ve ruled out a big area of potential diagnostic confusion.

More questions

And why are people still suffering the indignities of myth and stigma? Why are we still being told we are lazy, stupid, unmotivated and more by people who just might be too lazy, stupid or unmotivated to look for the real answer?

And how many more people will have to suffer alone and unknowing before we stop the naysayers and doom speakers from denying the existence of ADHD and the advantages of medication, coaching and structure. How much longer do we have to listen to the stupidity of people who would “Cure ADHD” with diet, or computer programs alone. Has anyone else noticed that disorders with a symptom spectrum need a treatment that is also a spectrum?

Questionable questions

And for heaven sake, can we stop pointing at one persons questionable death and saying “Bad Medicine!” like this is proof to end all proof? Stimulant meds have been used for years, safely and successfully. To question the efficacy of a medication based on one questionable finding is ludicrous. And those of us who benefit from these medications do not get addicted. Hence my inability to remember to take the damned things without my phone and both my computers reminding me every damned day.

There are somewhere between four and ten ADHDers in every hundred people, according to statistics. One in every 25 births is a conservative estimate. In the United States, Downs Syndrome (Trisomy 21) occurs once in every 691 births, and Spina Bifida occurs once in 2858 births. There is no comparison here, ADHD is far less obvious, far less threatening. But it is far more prevalent, and still they deny and argue and spout myths as facts in support of unsupportable positions.

Let me make this simple …

We want your help, but not as much as we want your acceptance. We don’t want your understanding so much as we would like you to admit that you don’t understand if you haven’t bothered to learn the facts. We want to be free to accept ourselves without having to color our acceptance with the hues of your judgment. And we want to have you help us spread the word.

And the word is …

Facts about ADHD

  • ADHD exists
  • ADHD is highly heritable
  • People with ADHD have value
  • People with ADHD have low self esteem and low self awareness
  • People with ADHD need to know that they are not alone
  • People with ADHD thrive with structure and encouragement, just like anyone else
  • People with ADHD cannot pay more attention just because you told them to
  • People with ADHD cannot pay less attention just because you told them to
  • People with ADHD will say inappropriate things
  • People with ADHD will do inappropriate things
  • People with ADHD will punish themselves for those things
  • People with ADHD will forget things, lose things, break things

Lastly, I’d like to point out the commonality in all these facts, people with ADHD – are People …

… we are.