You won't see me on Pinterest!

You won’t see me on Pinterest!

Have you been pinned? I have. It didn’t hurt, but I don’t know that it helped that much either.

The thing is, I’m a little worried about the whole thing. I have friends with ADHD and they seem to be trying to cure it with Pinterest. Well, maybe …

What’s the game plan?

It seems that Pinterest is some sort of uber-giant, organizational, web based, to-do-list. You may have an idea for some future project, and you start looking up helpful info on line. Once you’ve found it, what do you do with it?

Here’s where it gets pinteresting

You have ADHD, so you know very well that if you start a new sub-sub-sub folder in your bookmarks or favorites list, you’re never going to see those links again, cause the organization of them is not conducive to ready availability.

Well, along comes Pinterest and your problems are solved, apparently. I wouldn’t know, I don’t pin. That is to say, I have no pinterest in the thing … yet. As near as I can tell, the idea is that you pin different web pages to your pinterest page under sub-headings that will help you find what you’re looking for quickly and easily (I assume that is how it’s supposed to work, else why bother???).

I know little of that which I speak

Now let me say here that I’ve been to pinterest and seen the pages that belong to some of my friends. Very impressive. But what is the advantage? It seems that these links are organized in a single layer of hierarchy, just one layer.

One friend has 1849 “pins” under “Jewellery” and she readily admits that some of them are duplicates. They appear, when this “folder” is opened, in the order of last pinned to first pinned, I think. And that page goes on and on and on …

Perhaps she should have several folders for jewellery. “Jewellery made with wire,” “Jewellery made with glass,” “Jewellery made with polymer,” “Jewellery made with leather,” “Jewellery made with wire and glass,” “Jewellery made with glass and polymer,” “Jewellery made with …” okay, maybe not

But it gets better …

You don’t even have to browse the internet looking for these pages to pin. You can just go through other peoples pinterest pages and “repin” their stuff (did I say that right?). If you find that you’re pinning a lot of stuff from one particular pinterester you can follow them.

It’s sort of like twitter meets up with a craft store in the “how to” section of the local library on Facebook.

Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it …

I realized that maybe I wasn’t giving pinterest a fair chance, so I joined it. I created an account, doubtfuldude, and went to the trouble of pinning something. Check it out: Kelly’s Pinterest Page!

But I haven’t changed my mind. In fact, the one thing I pinned sounded so much like the sort of thing I need to avoid that I think my pinterest days are done.

I’ve lost pinterest in the whole thing, how ADHD is that?