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Archives for October, 2012


It’s Halloween, The Perfect Time To Have ADHD

It's an ADHDer's time to shine!

There are days in the life of every ADHDer when they wonder why they were born. Why did they need to be put into this world to suffer the indignities that are visited upon them so very often. Embarrassment, ridicule, punishment, misunderstanding, all this and more is , part of an ADHDer's everyday life. Yes, there are days …

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When Your Back’s To The Wall, Turn Your Back To The Crowd

Choose your seat carefully ...

Distractions, they're my nemesis, the bane of my existence. They sometimes make conversation with me a long, tedious thing for those engaged in them with me. I try to be fairly focused when talking to people, but that doesn't mean that I don't insert random, unnecessary observations.

In instances where I've met someone socially, you couldn't get a decent history of our conversation from...
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ADHD Awareness Week, What That Means To Me

ADHD Awareness Week

I didn't read The New York Times piece titled “Ritalin Gone Wrong” when it came out in the paper. I don't get the Times, or any other paper anymore. Luckily, Dr. Ned Hallowell caught it and gave it the attention that it deserved.
What to do …
Or maybe it didn't deserve any attention from Dr' Hallowell. I'm always torn...
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