Ready for my travels ...

Ready for my travels …

Okay, which one of us is more ADHD? My friend and I are both planning to apply for a passport. I have my application, have filled much of it out and I’ve taken my passport photo. In fact, I’ve had my picture ready for four months. It’s in the envelope with my application … wherever that is.

The other day I received an email from my friend Janie. She is one of the wonderful women at the ADDiva Network. She was writing to tell me that the ADDiva Retreat, an annual getaway for women with ADHD, was booked solid. I often tease Janie about putting on a wig and shawl and showing up at the retreat. She was paying me back by letting me know about the “full house” and telling me she was sorry I didn’t register in time, especially if I’d already acquired my wardrobe. “I don’t even have my passport …” I thought outloud, remembering that this would’ve been an international trip for me.

My friend Karen, the barista at my local café, overheard my comment and said she was going to get hers renewed “soon … ish??!?”

Karen continues to talk about getting her passport. “If I get the chance to go someplace warm this February, I want to be ready!” she says. How ready is she? I’ve been hearing her talk about getting a passport for nine months and she still hasn’t picked up the form. Just last week she asked me where to get the application; she could’ve had a baby in less time than this is going to take.

But am I any farther ahead?

Someone could say to Karen next week “Hey, let’s go to ‘fill in name of exotic destination‘ this winter” and she could hustle around and get the whole application process done in a few days. (It may be a myth, but I’ve heard that the entire process, including getting your photo taken, can be accomplished in a couple of hours. But you hear all kinds of stories these days…)

I can dream, can’t I?

Apparently waving an empty passport folder around gets you nowhere ...

Apparently waving an empty passport folder around gets you nowhere …

Of course, I could come across my application some day soon when I have a free afternoon, complete it, stamp it, check the date on the picture to make sure it’s still valid and fire it off in the mail. Stop laughing, it could happen – and then I’d be ready to hit the friendly skies, gently jetting my way to some scintillating tourist destination in my loud flowered shirt, cut off jeans and straw hat. Or I could at least get on a domestic flight and visit family on one coast or another. Yes, I have relatives on both coasts, and even on the islands that are off both coasts.

And that will happen… when???

But none of that is happening yet, and even if I do find my passport application, and even if the photo is still valid, and even if I can find my stamps, and even if I remember to mail it and I manage to get a ticket for somewhere… I’d still have to pack. Oh yeah, there’s a post in there, too.