Last week, a comment was posted by a reader asking for a few book titles on ADHD. I want to thank USC Trojan for this post idea. I’m not lacking in inspiration, but I am working inside a box, not my natural environment. I write about things I’ve learned or “discovered” but having a question to answer means that I’m writing about something that my readers may be more interested in.

More interested in books than what goes on in my mind? Say it ain’t so!

Yeah, I know that my wandering thoughts can get a little gray and dull, no matter how exciting they would seem to be to me. So I do perceive it as a kindness when someone asks my opinion on a particular subject. Thus, I repeat, thanks.

And now, the books …

There are several good books that describe ADHD in its known forms with clarity and accuracy. “The Disorganized Mind” is masterful and was written by an acquaintance of mine, Nancy Ratey. To know Nancy is to know an unapologetic ADHDer who is happy to share her circumstance in the hope of illuminating the world and reducing the stigma surrounding ADHD. If you’re looking for a description of ADHD from the inside, it’s in there. The book is mostly about how to overcome many of the issues we deal with. Nancy is credited with having created the occupation of ADHD Coach, and is not only the first, but still one of the better ones. “Disorganized” draws from both her life and her work and her writing reveals her strong need to bring peace to the ADHD soul.

Kate Kelly and Peggy Ramundo deserve to be put on pedestals and worshipped by all our tribe for telling us in no uncertain terms that we have value …

You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?! A Self-Help Book for Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder” was a ground breaker, and has recently been updated. Although I haven’t read the updated version, with the original as a basis, it can’t fail to be a help. The updated version also contains a foreword by Dr. Edward Hallowell, more on him follows. Kate Kelly and Peggy Ramundo deserve to be put on pedestals and worshipped by all our tribe for telling us in no uncertain terms that we have value, that we need not celebrate our disorder with self flagellation and doubt, that our self esteem need not deteriorate in the composter of our own accusations.

Driven To Distraction” though large and detailed, is often considered the ‘manual’ for the ADHD mind. ‘Driven’ was written by Dr. Edward “Ned” Hallowell and Dr. John Ratey. This book is indispensable and is the first of a series of books by these two insightful leaders. It, and its shelf mates, never fail to educate and entertain. And that entertaining thing is important if you want to keep our attention. This book is a treasure of information, with gems and secrets cleverly stored on every page.

Stay tuned, our next post will mention a couple more titles and offer a bit of advice for the information seeker.