... like the sun bursting through the clouds ...

... like the sun bursting through the clouds ...

I had a great idea for a blog post. It’s so great, I’d never forget it. Only, I already have forgotten it.

I’m so sick and tired of my memory clinging to the wrong details. It betrays me on a daily basis, and, I think it’s laughing at me.

I’ll see the brilliance of the thought like the sun bursting through the clouds on a rainy day.

I’ll come up with a great idea for a blog post, or a solution to some problem, or a course of action with obvious advantages. I’ll see the brilliance of the thought like the sun bursting through the clouds on a rainy day. I’ll be amazed that I haven’t thought of the concept before, that no one else has come up with it prior to now.

I’ll see it so clearly that I know, with more certainty than I know my own name, that I could not forget this in a million years.

I’ll hold this glowing feeling of accomplishment close to the surface of my thinking and after a few distracted minutes my mind will say “… and, you have that amazing new blog post idea/solution/plan, too … what was it again?”

… and it’s gone!

Often I don’t even remember if it was a blog post subject, or a course of action, or a new combination mouse trap/can opener … AAAAAAAAARG! Sometimes, with a great deal of struggle, I can recover the idea. Usually it’s on the lamb permanently.

I hate that elusive feeling of success lost. It is particularly bitter because that success would seem to have been in my grasp.


Why didn’t I write it down? Why didn’t I tell someone? Why didn’t I make a recording of the idea on my little digital voice recorder? … I don’t know.

I do know, though. I know it’s because of the underdevelopment of the communication channels in my brain, the fuzzy synaptic firing that makes the buzz of re-uptake the norm. Fuzzy logic is a way of life for me, fuzzy ADHD logic that is. I’m convinced that, even in the face of thousands of examples to the contrary, I’ll never forget this particular item because of its brilliance.

I have a memory …

I have an amazing memory, anything that can make it to the long term memory area of my mind has a great chance of becoming trivia that is at my disposal for lulls in conversation that require some type of impulsive interjection on my part. “Did you know that butterflies don’t eat?” I’ll say at some dinner party.

But once I’ve had an epiphany on ADHD and non-masticating butterflies, my mind will cling to the perceived brilliance of the thought and let that thought itself go play in the traffic of constant cerebral churnings to never be heard from again.