A warp in the ADHD Space Time Continum ...

A warp in the ADHD Space Time Continum …

There is an anomaly in the ADHD space/time continuum that cannot be defined. When faced with a sudden stretch of free time, we often lose that valuable commodity. We waste it in an effort to not do anything wasteful with it. I know, I just won the Time Lottery. I was fired.

Okay, calm down, I’m not going to be asking for a loan … yet. The truth is I wasn’t fired, I’ve been laid off … sort of, temporarily.

The work I do being what it is, and holidays being scheduled for next week, it didn’t make any sense to start a new job that wouldn’t be finished in time. We cleaned up a couple of odd jobs last week and put the “gone fishin’” sign on the door.

Let the good times roll!

I was ready to enjoy my three weeks off. I wasn’t ready to feel the sudden let down of not being needed, but that’s another story. The fact is, I thought I’d get caught up on a few other things. So I began to make a list.

  1. fix boat outdrive
  2. jack up sagging part of deck
  3. replace clothesline pole

This was going to be a productive week. I was thrilled that some things I’d been putting off were going to get done.

  1. jack up cement front step and level it
  2. cut the lawn
  3. finish the raised deck in the back of my truck box

I was starting to see that I’d let more than just a few things slide. Still, I was sure I’d get most of them done. After all, I had a whole extra week. Now which job should I tackle first? Well, the most important one, I guess, but which one is that?

  1. back up hard drive
  2. get caught up on laundry
  3. clean up more of my office

Maybe I should do one or two of the easy ones to build momentum. I could do the laundry and get the grass cut with ease, that ought to get me going. Or should I tackle something that will give me a real sense of accomplishment, like the step at the front door.

  1. take out of town trip scheduled with friend three weeks ago
  2. clear clutter up in living room
  3. give up and enjoy holidays

Deciding what to do first was proving to be the hardest task of all. And I’m ashamed to admit that it took an unacceptable amount of time to decide. I would make a choice and then, after starting to prepare for that job, I’d reconsider and change direction. I always had what I thought was a valid reason for the change in course, but it always cost me time.

They say that those who win the lottery are usually worse off than they were before the big win in very short order. I hope I come out of this week ahead of the game and not farther behind. Keep your fingers crossed for me, won’t you?

So, how long should this take?

The fact is that I can’t judge time needed. I also can’t tell how long I’ve actually spent on something, can’t even be sure that I did spend all the time on it that I think I did.

It’ll take longer than I thought, that’s for sure …

In the end, I managed to clear up the clutter in the living room, back up my hard drive, get caught up on my laundry, and cut the lawn. I got some work done on the front step and also on installing a raised deck in the bed of my pickup truck.

And …

I also took that trip with my friend that we’d planned for three weeks. That was two days of fun that I refuse to regret, this is my holidays after all.

I also still have today, Friday, to work on that list. I’m going to start on either number two or number four. I must confess, though, that number twelve is looking pretty good right now … pretty good indeed!