The things I carry ...

The things I carry ...

On Monday I explained my need to carry certain items with me at all times, items I consider essential. I think that this is an issue closely related to our trouble with packing.

I have heard that we are more likely to have more than one “trinket” on our key rings and I often wonder if this is the same thing. If you didn’t know about that key ring thing before, now you do. I only have two things on my ring, unless you count the gizmo that actually lets me separate my vehicle keys from my house keys.

But, I digress, naturally. I told you that today I’d list many of the things I carry with me. So without any further delay, here are my favourites … other than my keys … when I can find them … oh, right, the list:

Kelly’s ADHD Mandatory Carriage List:

Thanks for letting me unload, so to speak.

  • My notepad and pen A must have for when I get an idea for a blog post or an idea for a freelance article. If I don’t write it down I’ll never remember it.
  • My cell phone ADHDers are addicted to the internet and any other form of electronic communication. Like, OMG, I’d like, totally just die without my smartphone! Give it up? Like… no!
  • My knife This is one of the most useful tools I carry. It sharpens pencils, makes tinder for lighting fires, cuts packing tape, opens plastic packages, removes slivers and is a very handy pry bar. I’ve even joked that, if I lost my notepad, I could carve my notes on an old board with it.
  • My camera Whether to carry this or not is not up for discussion. I may not be the world’s greatest photographer, but I am one of the world’s happiest photographers. I love capturing images and sharing them. I’ve been known to take images instead of notes also. If I see a sign for something, I’ll photograph it instead of copying the details into my notepad. So leaving my camera behind is not an option … maybe I could cut down to just one or two cameras though …
  • My digital recorder Much like my notepad and pen are note taking devices. I often use this handy gadget because I can’t write legibly, especially if I’m walking or driving. I neither write nor use my recorder while I’m actually driving, I’m distracted enough, thanks. But I find that if I pull off to the side of the road and “record” my notes, I’m more likely to remember that I made some notes about some idea. At least that’s the way it’s been so far, maybe when it becomes a familiar habit I’ll be less successful at remembering that.
  • Drugs I’m also in the habit of carrying some meds with me, and since one of them is an antihistamine for those rare occasions when I blow up like a blow fish, these are also not up for debate. I list them as ADHD mandatory carriage because I also carry one tab of Concerta©™ with me. I do that in case I don’t make it home for my next mornings medication, or in case I leave home without taking it but chance to remember before it’s too late in the day to take it.
  • My wallet This is a significant part of the list. I actually carry two of them. One contains cash, bank cards, loyalty cards and membership cards. The other contains my Visa card and my I.D. and a spare key to every lock and vehicle I own.
  • Flashlight It’s small, rugged, and durable, and sometimes I need it. Usually to look through my … camera bag, to .. ummm, you know … find my chap-stick.


I could go on, but we both have lives, you and I, so I’ll leave it at this. Suffice it to say that I go through jeans at an alarming rate ’cause I wear out the pockets. But I’m pretty sure my life would be more ADHD and less smooth without my mandatory carriage.

Thanks for letting me unload, so to speak. I don’t feel any lighter physically, but it’s nice to be unburdened emotionally.

Note: I’m going on vacation in September, a week at a cottage near where I work. I plan to put all these things that I carry, with the exception of my camera and my wallet, in a box and leave them in the cottage during the day. I want to see how often I actually need any of them. I’ll let you know what happens …