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Archives for August, 2012


The Time Lottery – I Won!

A warp in the ADHD Space Time Continum ...

There is an anomaly in the ADHD space/time continuum that cannot be defined. When faced with a sudden stretch of free time, we often lose that valuable commodity. We waste it in an effort to not do anything wasteful with it. I know, I just won the Time Lottery. I was fired.

Okay, calm down, I’m...
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A New Game ~ Rock/Paper/Scissors/Dynamite

Should that be "Rock~Piles~Scissors?" ... just askin'

Let’s play a game. I call it ADHD style Rock/Paper/Scissors. It goes like this. I wake up in the morning, get my coffee and breakfast, quickly check my email for an hour or so, and then try to figure out what I should do for the day.

And then, there it is, the sudden realization that I am back at that recurring...
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Mental Health Peer Support Booklet – Part III

Seeking help is hard enough ...

On Monday, Melanie J. Knapp, , described her Peer Support Booklet initiative. She told us, among other things, “The hospital might be considered as a good place to rest and work on wellness. After all, that’s what it’s there for.”

I was asked to contribute to this initiative and on Wednesday you had the opportunity to read...
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Mental Health Peer Support Booklet – Part I

Our local hospital ...

Recently, I was asked by my friend Melanie Knapp, to submit an article on stigma for a local initiative. The project is a peer support booklet to be handed out to patients being admitted to the psychiatric care unit of our local hospital.

Its purpose, as I see it, is positive. And so I agreed, with one stipulation, that I be allowed to publish...
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