I've had a bad day ...

I've had a bad day ...

Have you ever had one of those days? Have you ever had a day when everything seems to go wrong? I had a day that had a weeks worth of wrongs yesterday.

I put my boat in the water finally, and it started up just fine, ran wonderfully smooth and then overheated and stalled out.

The gauges checked out fine, but there was smoke coming out of the engine room. It isn’t actually a room, it’s a space under the deck, just big enough for the engine and little else.

There’s no room to work comfortably on the thing. Believe me, I’ve had to do a few things to it, and they all required me to almost stand on my head.

That figures.

After some preliminary checks I deduced that the cooling system had failed, and so had the temperature gauge.

The failure of the cooling system is one that will require me to have the boat taken back out of the water. An impeller that forces lake water through the engine block to keep it cool is the culprit and it will not be changed while the boat is afloat. The gauge will have to be fixed also.

And then what?

How smart could it be ...

How smart could it be ...

While trying to assist the disabled boat to its mooring dock, I must have knocked against something with my phone holster. I went to check the time on my phone and instead of information, I got the new kaleidoscope app for smartphones … It’s free and you don’t have to download it.

And you’ll never use another app again after you install it on your phone.

Is that all?

... if it can't show you what's going on?

... if it can't show you what's going on?

As if that weren’t enough, I cracked the glass on a very expensive solar panel while installing it on the boat. If the engine doesn’t run then the boat needs some means of charging its batteries and electricity isn’t available at the only marina I can afford.

It’s still working, still holding together, but I have no idea what will happen if it gets rained on …

Give me a break!

I gave up on the day and decided to try to let the evening make up for it. I got myself into clean clothes and headed out to meet my new best friend, Melanie, for dinner at a favorite restaurant.

And then the anxiety set in …

It was on our way to the park where the restaurant is located that I realized that my calendar of upcoming events is stored on my cell phone. I suddenly remembered that I was looking for an app some time ago that would allow me to sync my appointments on my phone with my calendar on my computer.

It’s an app app … an appointment application??!?

But the search for that clearly useful piece of phone code was abandoned in a huff of futility. So once again, I’m asking, can anyone tell me where I’m supposed to be at 10AM on Wednesday? Or any other time of any other upcoming day? … Please?