March 1, 2010

Copyright 2010: Creative Commons credit: borderfilms (Doug)

It’s Monday evening, July 2nd … about halfway between Canada Day and July the Fourth. I’m a Canadian, writing for an American website. So I guess I get to celebrate twice in one week.

As an ADHDer, I’m always ready to celebrate, and this past weekend was no exception. I had some errands to run, but in the in-between times I did some of my favorite Canadian things (we normally write that as favourite, eh?).

Since I do have ADHD, I found it all too easy to spend a bunch of time being distracted by (or was I hyper-focusing on???) the differences in our two countries, Canada and the USA. Lets see what I came up with …

Can’t be that hard, we’re soooo different, right?

On Friday evening, a very nice woman made me a very nice dinner after which we went to visit her very nice parents where we had very nice coffee. Okay, that’s not really exceptionally Canadian, not really a difference between our countries at all, though admittedly everyone involved was a Canadian citizen, hmmm …

Early on Saturday morning the same very nice woman and I met and went to the farmers market, then we went to a store she had been wanting to visit and we followed that up with a picnic lunch at a beach near my place. Alright, that’s not all that Canadian either I don’t suppose, though I did say “Eh” … a lot. I can’t actually help it, it just comes out, maybe it’s genetic.

I left town on an errand that afternoon. I drove several hundred kilometers (that’s still a lot of miles) to pick up my brother at an airport he was flying in to. He was flying from another province where his daughter lives, back to Ontario where he and I live. Provinces, that’s pretty Canadian, right? Okay, picking up your brother at the airport isn’t really a Canadian thing.

Sheesh, I’m not even batting 500 here, am I?

On Sunday I may have saved my Canadian designation, let’s see. It was my turn to cook dinner for the aforementioned very nice (Canadian) woman. I served rainbow trout cooked on the Barbecue on cedar planks soaked in water. While they were cooking, I got a little distracted by our conversation and the planks caught fire. I noticed them in time to save dinner, which was decreed to be absolutely delicious by my guest. I grudgingly admit it was okay.

After dinner we lit a fire in the fire pit in my back yard, watched a fireworks show and swatted at mosquitoes.

But was it Canadian?

The fireworks were to celebrate Canada Day. July First is the anniversary of our country’s founding. Americans celebrate the birth of their nation on July Fourth instead. Totally different, right? Okay, not so different.

At this point I’d be willing to concede that our nations share more than just the world’s longest unprotected border. We would seem to have so much in common that we might easily adopt and share the designation of “North Americans.”

More to the point …

But something we share that is more relevant to you and I, is the fact that no matter which side of the 49th parallel you live on, ADHD is ADHD. It’s still highly heritable, still wildly diverse in its manifestation, still aggravating, annoying, distressing …

It’s you and it’s me and it’s not going away any time soon. And it damned near ruined my trout dinner!

Happy Canada Day, happy July Fourth, and happy birthday to your country – no matter which country that is.